Apple Shaped Body Type

 Finding a perfect dress is challenging because of minimum knowledge about your body shape. It is important to understand everything about your body while styling to create a balanced look. Whenever you are buying clothes, always keep in mind to invest in flattering clothes as per your shape. Here we will guide you about styling tips and hacks for an apple shaped body type.

What is apple shaped body?

An apple shaped body type is considered a round shape because it doesn’t have a defined waistline. There is extra fat around the stomach area, which creates an illusion of an apple shape. The measurements of the shoulder line, waist, and hips are almost the same with an undefined waistline. The APPLE SHAPED BODY TYPE is a bone structure and, it can vary according to the measurements. 

How to measure Apple shaped body type?

Whenever you are confused about your body shape, always take measurements of shoulders, waist, and hips. These three measurements can easily guide you about your body type and ratio. The proper knowledge of your body shape can help you in dressing and balancing your uneven body proportions. 

For example:- 

a) Shoulders:- If the measurements of your shoulders are around 34″ (86.36 cm)

b) Waist:- The waist round is almost 5% more than the shoulders and hips. That can be 35.6″ or 36″. 

c) Hips:- The hip round measurements can be 35″ (88.9 cm ). 

( Apple shaped body person generally gain weight around the midsection. )

Characteristics of an ‘Apple shaped body type

If you are an Apple shaped body type person, then you should have these characteristics in your body. All these points can differentiate your body type from others. Here are they:-

apple shaped body

:- Your upper torso is wider.

:- You tend to have shapely thin arms and legs. 

:- Average to fuller bustline.

:- Your shoulders are prominent and broader.

:- You carry extra weight around your belly area. 

:- You don’t have a defined waistline. 

:- Your midsection is bigger than your lower body.

:- Your lower body is flat as compared to the upper torso. 


These six points can guide you about your assets and problem area. Always remember these points while dressing because it will create an evenly proportionate look. Focus more on the legs and divert attention away from the problem area. Let’s start.

apple shaped body

1) The main goal of an apple shaped body type is to create balance. 

2) Not to emphasize the midsection(belly area).

3) Divert attention towards the bustline and keep the rest of the area plain. 

4) Try to create curves and elongate the upper torso by drawing attention to the legs.

5) Show-off your shapely legs. 

6) Invest in accessories and shoes instead of shoulder embellishments. 

( Style tip:- Always try to divide your mid-section by clothes or accessories. )

What style of dress looks best on apple shaped body type?

Sometimes wearing a super cute dress can’t work for you because that dress is not a good option for your body type. Always dress for your body shape instead of the new fashion trends. Not every style, cut, and silhouette can look best on you. Here are some simple but stylish dresses for an apple-shaped body type. These dresses can help you to emphasize your assets and hide your flaws.

Important tip:- If you want to add a belt to your look, then always choose a thin or dark-coloured belt instead of broad textured belts. Thin belts can add a little definition to your waist without grabbing too much attention.

1) Wrap-around dress:- The wrap-around dress is the best option for an apple shaped body person because it will fall on your body without adding an extra inch around your midsections. This style has a belt that can create an illusion of a waistline. Wrap-around dress suits almost every body type because it also emphasizes the bust area. 

2) Empire line dress:- Any silhouette can work for this body type that cannot emphasise the problem area like a belly. An empire line dress can fall straight without highlighting your waistline. This style also has an attachment right under the bust that can divert the attention towards the bust area instead of the waist. 

3) A-line dress:- An A-line dress is the most common and comfortable dress for every body type. This dress can add feminine curves to your body. Always choose a v-neckline dress over others because V-neck can create an illusion of an elongated upper torso. It can also balance your body proportion by making your lower body fuller. 

4) Shirt-dress:- A shirt dress is a straight button-down silhouette, which can make an apple body look evenly proportionate. It can be the best option because of the straight look that can hide your belly fat and bring attention to the legs. 

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Interesting styling tips for an Apple shaped body type’ to look balance

1) Focus on the fabric material:- Always choose soft and flowy fabric material to create a flattering look because the stiff fabric can add extra inches to your body. You can also wear natural fabric materials for comfort. Fabrics like, silk, linen, satin, velvet can create an illusion of a slim body.

2) Right color is important:- Whenever you are buying clothes, always think twice about colors because the wrong color can make you look bigger. For example:- An apple shaped body type person has a bigger midsection, so avoid bright colors around that area. You can balance your outfit with a dark-colored top and patterned bottoms. 

3) Patterns and embellishments:-  An apple shaped body type person can use patterned and embellishments for bottoms to make them look bigger to balance it with the midsection. Avoid patterns around the waistline and shoulders. 

4) Give attention to the legs:- Your main asset is your legs, so divert attention towards the legs from the belly area. Add shapes to the lower sections to create feminine curves. Wear structured bottoms to get the attention. 

apple shaped body

5) Focus on length:- The length of a dress should according to your body type. As for an apple shaped body person:-

:- Try to avoid the tops that end at the waistline. 

:- Knee and calf-length skirts will be a great option for you.

:- The perfect length of a top for an apple body shape is below the hipline. 

:- Keep a dress length above the knee to elongate the legs.  

6) Invest in good body shape wear:- Body shaper can hide all your extra flesh around the tummy. You can wear it under the dress to look slim.  Always invest in a good quality shape wear, as it is an one time investment but works amazing for an apple shaped body.

The most flattering tops for an apple shaped body type.

There are many styles of tops available in the market. But to choose a flattering top for your body type is confusing. To balance the body proportions, we need to focus on the embellishments and necklines of the top. An apple shaped body type is a top-heavy body type because of the heavy midriff, so try to avoid embellishments around the shoulders and the waist. 

Apple shaped body

:-Tops like peplum and empire line can create an illusion of fuller hips because of the flounce and add curves to your body. Avoid short and fitted peplum styles. You can wear a straight, V-neck style of a peplum top. 

:- Always prefer deep necks, plunging necklines, V-neck, scoop neckline, deep-U, sweetheart, and strapless necklines to emphasize the bust area. These styles of necklines can help you to elongate your upper torso visually.

:- Embellishments around the shoulders and the chest area can make your shoulders appears broader. So, avoid tops that can highlight your shoulder line. 

:- An apple shaped body type person carries weight around the tummy area so, avoid tops that have prints or patches in that specific area. 

:- Do every possible thing, not to add elements around the belly. 

Best jeans and skirts for an ‘APPLE SHAPED BODY TYPE’

While searching for the perfect bottoms, keep in mind that you need to add some shapes to your bottom area. Wear a skirt or jeans that can make your hips look fuller. For example:-

1) For skirts:- Go for pleated, A-line, circular, structured, asymmetric skirt, panelled, and trumpet skirt because it visually creates volume. These styles of the skirt can balance your lower body proportionately. 

You can also choose a patterned or a printed skirt to grab attention to your lower body. 

Try to wear skirts that are above the knee to show off your shapely legs.

2) For jeans:- Jeans are the most common and comfortable bottoms. The best jeans for an apple shaped body are bootcut, flared, straight, and wide-leg because they can add curves to your bottom half. 

Also, pick jeans that have a back pocket to create an illusion of fuller hips.

Embellished, ribbed, or patchwork jeans can also work for an apple body type because they can easily attract people to the legs. 

3) For pants:- The flattering pants for this body type are pleated, flowy, belted, plazzo, and cargo pants. All these pants can balance your apple shaped body type by adding shape to the bottom. 

Choose a bright color and printed pants over plain dark colors.

What should an ‘Apple shaped body type’ person not wear?

An apple shaped body type person should not wear dresses like body cone, box fitted, off-shoulders, halter neck dresses, and tube dresses. All these dresses can highlight your midsection and prominent shoulders. 

apple shaped body

1) Totaly avoid skinny fitted jeans because it creates an illusion of small bottom and emphasizes the belly area.

2) Avoid clingy clothing items like body con dresses and fitted skirts. 

3) Try to ignore embellishments like frills, flounces, patches, bows, and pleatings around the waist area.

4) Avoid close necklines and high neck tops

5) Do not wear loose baggy style tops because they will make your belly area look bigger. 

6) Avoid broad belts.

7) High-waisted jeans and pants are a big no for an apple shaped body type because they divert attention to the waist. 

8) Do not invest in big patterns and printed tops to avoid unnecessary attention to the upper body. 

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How should an overweight Apple shaped body type dress?

To dress an overweight apple shaped body person, you need to keep in mind some simple styling tips. If you want to look visually balanced without showing extra body fat, then dress for your body shape. Styling is all about creating a balanced look. Here are some rules for you to follow while dressing. 

1) Color blocking:- A color blocking technique work best for a plus-size person. It creates a visual illusion of curves and a slim waistline. Try to choose dresses that have triangular pieces in them. A combination of dark and light colors in a color blocking dress can be the best option for your body type. 

2) Simple silhouettes:- Always keep your dress simple and elegant to get attention. A clean silhouette is much better than a trendy uneven dress. Elements like frills, flounce, bows, and other emphases in dresses can make you look bigger. 

3) Accessorise:- Statements accessories play an important role in diverting the viewer’s attention away from the body. Always invest in bright patterned accessorizes to attract people. Wear a long necklace to elongate your upper torso. Animal print bags, long necklaces, printed shoes, and hair accessories will work amazing for your shape.

4) Pairing tops and bottoms:- Try to pair a dark color top with a lighter tone bottom because this combination creates a visually balanced look for an apple body person. As you are an upper heavy body person, so you need to emphasize your bottom by wearing structured and straight silhouettes. For example- Pair a simple V-neck blouse with straight trouser pants. Remember to maintain a contrast combination while dressing to balance out your figure. 

5) Prints and patterns:- Matching a print with solid color is tricky but not impossible. Always take the base color of the print to pair. For an apple shaped body type, you can wear a vertical stripe top to add length. You can also pair a printed bottom with a plain color top. Use big prints and patterns only for bottoms to create volume. 

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Can you change your apple shaped body type?

Yes, you can change your apple shaped body type because you tend to have extra fat around your belly. If you eat healthily and exercise regularly, then you can easily cut down the fat. Try to improve your daily lifestyle by avoiding unhealthy foods and habits. The only goal is to reduce the belly fat to get the perfect body figure.

Can apple shapes get a flat stomach?

Yes, an apple shaped body person can get a flat stomach. The only thing is to reduce the midsection fat. Do regular exercise and eat healthy stuff. Ignore junk food, dairy items, alcohol, cold drinks, and package foods. Also, try to do yoga and meditations. These things can help you to get a flat stomach. 

Which body shape is best for females?

Every body shape is perfect in its own way, but the most desirable body shape amongst females is an hourglass figure. This body shape is evenly proportionate and has a defined waistline. Almost every silhouette, cut, and style of a dress looks good on this body type. It is also known as a perfect body figure for females, and the ratio of this body type is 2:1:2. The shoulders and hips are the same in measurements with a slim waistline. All these characteristics create a perfect hourglass figure.

Can an apple shaped body type become an hourglass?

Yes, an apple shaped body can get an hourglass figure just by losing belly fat. This body shape tends to carry weight around the belly, so after slimming down the fat. You can easily highlight your waistline and hips. That gives you an illusion of a perfect hourglass figure. Some exercises can help you to weight belly fat. Such as crunches, walking, cycling, sprawls, Russian twist, planks, and many more.


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