Matching colours is not a difficult task to perform. But, pairing two perfect colours that complement each other is Important in every event. Here we will learn some simple tips about colour combinations and matching. While matching colours, you should always refer to a colour wheel or colour techniques. So, let’s start with the color wheel.


A colour wheel is a circular representation of colour based on a different wavelength. All designers and artists refer to the colour wheel to set a perfect combination. This wheel can guide you to the best colour combination without effort. Here are some colour schemes based on the colour wheel.

(Interesting fact:- The traditional colour wheel was created by sir ‘ISSAC NEWTON‘.)

Complementary colour scheme:- The two colours that are opposite to each other in colour wheel is known as a complementary colour scheme.

This combination is bright and the most common amongst fashion designers. All designers use this colour scheme in different ways. 

Split complementary colour scheme:- This scheme is similar to a complementary color scheme except for one colour splitting into two nearby colours. It will create an isosceles triangle.

Monochromatic colour scheme:- This colour scheme is different from other schemes because a monochromatic colour scheme is the tint, tone, and shade of a single colour.

Tint:- When you add a white colour base to lighten any other colour. That is known as tint.

Tone:- Tone is adding a grey colour to any other colour. These colors are more subtle and eye-soothing.

Shade:- A shade is adding black colour to other colours. Just to make that colour even darker.

Analogous colour scheme:- Analogous colour scheme is a combination of three consecutive colours that are next to each other in a color wheel. You can pick any three colours while styling to create a perfect look.

Triadic colour scheme:- A triadic colour scheme creates an equilateral triangle. These three colours are a triadic colour combination. Always keep in mind to select colours that each colour should be in a gap of three colours. This colour combination is best for home decor and exterior.

Tetradic colour scheme:- This colour scheme is a combination of four different colours. It creates a rectangular shape and, it is the two sets of complementary colours together as a one colour palate. This combination will give a perfect set of colors and, it will work best when you want one dominant color and other supportive colors.

After understanding the colour schemes, Now it is easy for us to understand the colour combinations. Here we will cover every colour combinations, where you can use it, and how you can apply these colour combinations. 

Understanding colour and its combinations are pretty simple, but to apply that combination is confusing, right?. To solve that issue, I will guide you with some tips and tricks. So, let’s start with the combinations.


  • Always pick only one dominant color. Keep 70% ratio of dominant color and the rest 30% should be the supportive color. 
  • Whenever you are confused about the colours and combinations, use dark and light tricks. 
  • If you want a simple colour combination, then choose neutral pastel shades of pink and brown together.
  • Try to use 2colour minimum and 4colour maximum. Avoid multicolor because it can be disturbing. 
  • Always keep your design simple, bold, and Interesting.


The red Colour is a primary colour. It is a symbol of fire, love, danger, anger, and war. The best colour combinations for red according to the colour wheel are:-

colour combination

Complementary colour scheme:- As per this colour scheme, the perfect combination for red color is green. You can pair red trouser pants with a green top or a red color wall with the green furniture.

Split complementary colour scheme:- A set of three colours and the combination with red is Red+Voilet+Green.

Monochromatic colour scheme:- The tint, tone, and shade of red Colour can be the most subtle combination. 

Analogous colour scheme:- There are two combinations in the colour wheel according to the Analogous colour scheme. Those are Red+redorange+orange and Red+Redvoilet+Voilet. It is a chain of three colours.

Triadic colour scheme:- The combination of three colors is Red+yellow+blue. If you follow the colour wheel and the color schemes. Then you will never fail in creating a perfect color combination. 

Tetradic colour scheme:- Three-four colour combination as per the tetradic colour scheme is Red+yelloworange+green+bluevoilet

colour combination

Red is very bright and dominant so try to avoid red with bright colors. If you want to emphasize the red colour, then choose a subtle or a light color to pair. Now let’s find the other perfect combination for red to make it stand out. You can use these combinations in the interior of your house, exterior, hall decor, in the bedroom, while dressing, styling, and in many ways.

Here are the examples:- 

colour combination

Red with purple, Red with cobalt blue, Red with grey, Red with white, Red with brown, and red with baby pink color. These combinations will highlight the red colour. 



Grey colour is a combination of white and black in equal proportion. The proportion depends on which shade of grey you want. If you want a light grey, then add more white and less black. For a dark shade of grey, add more black to it.

colour combination

Now let us talk about the colors that will look good with grey. There are many different combinations but, that doesn’t mean it will complement the other color. Here we will understand the best colour combination with grey. Colors like baby pink, yellow, black, red, green, and orange will look amazing with grey(all shades). 

colour combination

A grey is a formal and subtle color and, it plays a crucial role in office wear. As you know the suits, blazers, trousers, pants, and skirts are majorly available in different shades of grey. Let’s have a look at some formal, casuals, and Smart casual dresses:-

If you want to change the interior, then definitely try these combinations. These colors can add simplicity and class to your dining area. 


The blue color is the world’s favorite color and, it is a symbol of intelligence, peace, and loyalty. It is not advisable to use the blue color in your bedroom because it can change your mood and make you feel unhappy. But, the blue color in an office can improve productivity. Isn’t it amazing?.

(Interesting fact:-Mosquitos are attracted twice towards the blue colour more than any other color.)

colour combination

Now, let us talk about the colour combinations that will look good with blue. Again we will apply the colour schemes to get the best combination with blue. Here I will show the color combination that is perfect for your home interior with the help of some pictures:- 

colour combination

After the home decor and interior, let’s have a look at fashion. Here we will understand how to style the blue colour in dressing. The blue colour is a bright shade, and you can pair it with any neutral shade. For example:- If you want to wear a completely blue dress, then you can wear blue-coloured accessories over the other colour. Or you can carry a bag of blue colour with a baby pink dress. 

colour combination

If you are wearing a blue-colored maxi dress, then add a belt of white or an orange color. It will enhance your complete look effortlessly and define your waistline. You can also carry a scarf of a blush pink color with any shade of blue. Now, understand these combinations with the help of pictures.



Green is a secondary color, which is the combination of two primary colors, blue and yellow. The green color is a symbol of nature, freshness, rebirth, progress, and forgiveness. It is also the second most favorite color after blue. 

Using the shades of green color in your bedroom can improve your pulse rate and make you feel relaxed. Now, let’s look at the colour combinations of green. 

colour combination

Extra tips to get a perfect combination of green color

{The green is a Cool color and if you want a bright color combination, then choose the warm colors. Like red, magenta, orange, cherry red, etc.}

colour combination

All these colour combinations with green are according to the colour wheel. If you want a subtle color combination with green, then choose the neutrals and pastels shades of any color for a soft look. 

Now, for dressing

colour combination

Wearing the color green can give a refreshing impression to the people around you. There are many shades of green in the market, but try to wear dark green instead of fluorescent. You can pair it according to the color wheel to get the proper look. 

After the color schemes now, we will look at the other colors that will balance the green in the dressing. 


Yellow is a cheerful and warm color. According to the study, People who love Yellow color are the most creative and the happiest persons.

colour combination

Yellow is the most attention-grabbing color. But using the color yellow in your rooms can make you frustrated and aggressive immediately. It is not advisable to use the yellow color in the babies’ room because babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. This color irritates the eyes more than the other colors. Using a yellow color in a small area is completely fine, but not more than 30% in a room.

Wearing the color yellow can boost your attitude, enhance your personality, and it can grab the viewer’s attention effortlessly because it is an eye-catching color.

Now, after understanding color psychology, let’s find out the best colour combination of yellow.

colour combination

As per the color wheel, these combinations will work best with yellow color. You can pick any color combination for your house’s interior and exterior.

After the home decor, let us know the other colour combination of yellow in dress and how to style it correctly.

colour combination

Style tip:- try to avoid wearing a bright yellow because it can be a highly irritating color for others.

Light shades of yellow are pretty good than the bright ones. You can add 10% yellow to your dressing, like wearing yellow-colored accessories or carry a yellow bag for a perfectly balanced look.



Purple color is known as a royal color. In ancient times the only upper-class family was supposed to wear the purple-colored dress because it was rare and expensive. Purple color is a combination of red and blue in equal proportion. The Violet color is somewhat like purple, but it is more towards the blue shade. 

colour combination

Purple color is the symbol of royalty, pride, wisdom, and creativity. Wearing a purple color can symbolize luxury and the expressions of femininity. It can also boost your confidence and enhance your personality. 

After understanding the color psychology of purple now, we will discuss the best colour combination for it. 

colour combination

The shades like lilac, violet, orchid, lavender, grape, and others are closely associated with purple. To match these colors, always try to pair them with a similar shade of another color.

colour combination

You can use the shade cards to select the best colour combination of purple. 


The colors that are available in the color wheel are easy to pair. But, the other artificial color shades depend on the color theory. Here, we will discuss the best colour combination of an orange color. As an orange color is next to the red-orange color in the color wheel. 

So, according to the colour wheel, the combinations are:-

colour combination
  • Orange+blue (Complementary colour scheme)
  • Orange+Bluegreen+Bluevoilet (Split complementary colour scheme)
  • Tint, tone, and shades of orange colour (Monochromatic colour scheme)
  • Orange+ Redorange+yelloworange (Analogous colour scheme)
  • Orange+voilet+green (Triadic colour scheme)
  • Orange+voilet+blue+yellow (Tetradic colour scheme)

All these colour combinations will work amazingly in every field. You can use it while dressing, interior, exterior, wallpaper, and in your bedroom. Let’s look at the pictured references:-

colour combination

All these pictures are of home but, now we will discuss the best styling tips and colour combinations in the dress with orange. 

In fashion, the orange color represents confidence, perfection, warmth, happiness, and energy. Wearing orange can make you bold, risk-taker, and not afraid of anything.

colour combination

If you wear orange color to the office, it can boost the creativity and productivity of your co-workers. Orange color can create a happy, fun environment. Now, let’s look at the reference pictures of dresses.


 The pink colour is the most favorite color of girls. It is a combination of 60% red colour and 40% white colour. This percentage also depends on the shade of pink you want. If you want a lighter shade, then add an extra white colour to it and vice-versa. 

colour combination

The pink colour symbolizes unconditional love, kindness, sweetness, and sensitivity. It is one of the best colours to use in your bedroom because it can calm Down your anger and aggression. If you have an anger issue, then definitely put pink colour around you. The pink colour in a room can reduce unwanted fights by 40% between couples.

(INTERESTING FACT:- Aggresive prisoners are placed in a pink coloured room to calm down their violence and aggression.)

After the colour psychology now, let’s look at the best colour combinations with pink.

colour combination

Colour combinations are the same in fashion and home decor. But, we will see the styling tips to make it stand out. Pink is a light color and looks best with dark shades like blue, green, black, brown, and grey. 

A simple tip:- A pink colour is a lighter shade of red so, you can use the colour schemes according to the red colour. But, the opposite colour should be as light as pink colour. 

Now, let’s find out the best colour combination with pink in dresses.

colour combination

If you want to know other amazing colour combinations apart from these, then must read:- BEST COLOUR COMBINATIONS.


Color combination depends on your favorite colors also, because psychologically, we will select the color combinations according to our favorite color. So, for the 3best color combinations, you can refer to color schemes like analogous, triadic, and split complementary. All these colour schemes will give you the set of the three best colors that will complement each other.

Matching colors to create a perfect combination is now simple. All designers and artists use colors according to the color wheel, that’s why they never fail in combinations. Apart from the color wheel, the other tricks to do color combinations are light-dark combination, warm-cool combination, contrast combinations, and dull-bright combinations. These combinations are best for your living area and casual outfits.

A wrong color combination can ruin the complete look. So, never choose combinations when you are confused. Always give time to your decision and get a perfect combination. As we know, dark on dark is a wrong choice, So avoid black with dark brown, peach with baby pink, navy blue with brown, and two bright colors together like red with yellow, green with orange, and yellow with green.

Yes, you can wear shades of the same color. It is an analogous color scheme. The shades of the same color can add elegance and class to your outfit. Even it can be the perfect choice for office wear. You can wear a sky blue shirt, cobalt blue blazer with navy blue trousers. Also, experiment with the grey shades to create a chic look.


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