BODY SHAPES OF MALE (Ultimate styling guide)

Searching about this query means you are confused about your body type, right? Not to worry body shapes of male is not a big ban theory.

body shapes of male

Sometimes people think that male body types are different from females. Yes, right but, only one body shape is different and the most attractive in both genders. In a male, it is a trapezoid, and in a female, it is an hourglass.

Here I will present a complete styling guide on the body shapes of male. In that, I will cover 

  • What are the body shapes of male?
  • Different male body types?
  • How to dress for your body type male?
  • What to avoid while dressing to look attractive?
  • Which is the most attractive male body shape?

Now, let’s solve all the queries related to the body shapes of male. 


First, let me tell you that body shapes are not directly related to your height, weight, and extra body fat. Body shapes are the outline and just basic bone structure. You can easily relate to this while taking measurements.

In some cases, it can vary, like if a person is overweight, then you cannot take proper measurements to know the body type. It is important to have complete knowledge about your body type because every body shape is different and has different styling tips. 

Dressing for your body type can make you look attractive immediately. Instead of wearing what you love, always try to invest as per your body type. 


There are different types of body shapes that depend on the body muscles and fat. But here are the five most common body shapes of male.


The shape of this body type is a big triangle with the tip towards the shoulders and base at the waist. The person with this body type tend to have:-      

body shapes of male
  • Narrow and sloping shoulders.
  • Slightly broad chest (compare to shoulders)
  • Wide waist and hip line.
  • Generally carry weight around the waistline.
  • The body ratio of this body type is 1:2:3.

All these characteristics create an illusion of a triangle. It is a bottom-heavy body type and is also known as a pear-shaped body. 

{STYLING TIP:- As your lower body is bulky, so try to work on your upper half to create a balanced look. Choose a light color for uppers and dark-colored bottom to make it look slim.}


This body type is a boxed shape body, and it is the easiest body shapes of men to dress. Rectangular body shape men can balance the extra body fat pretty well because of the square frame. The other names for this body type are H-frame, Box figure, pencil, and straight body shape. Men with this body type tend to have:-

  • Slim and tall body frame.
  • Straight upper torso.
  • Shoulders, chest, and hips are almost the same in measurements.
  • The body ratio of this body type is 3:3:3.

{STYLING TIP:- As it is a rectangle shape body, so try to emphasize your shoulders to create a trapezoid body type. The rest of the body is perfect, just by highlighting the shoulders, you can get a proportionate figure.}


It is a well-proportionate and the most desirable body type amongst men. The lower torso of this body type is smaller but not unbalanced. Most of the men do exercises and gym to get this body shape. Many people get confused between a rectangle and a trapezoid body type. The main difference between these two is trapezoid body shape has broad shoulders. 

body shapes of male

 If you are a trapezoid body shapes of men then you are blessed with:- 

  • Broad and straight shoulders.
  • Developed muscular chest.
  • Narrow waist and hip line. 
  • Tend to have a larger upper torso compares to the bottom.
  • Well-proportionate body type.

{STYLING TIP:- As it is the most proportionate body type, so you can wear anything of your choice without disturbing the proportions.}


An oval body shape is pretty easy to find out without taking measurements. This body shape person mostly has a chubby face, round stomach, and a short neck. The other characteristics of oval body shapes of male are:-

body shapes of male
  • Tend to have a short round body.
  • Wider waist area.
  • Narrow sloping shoulders and hips.
  • Slim legs as compares to the upper torso.
  • Body proportions are not proportionate.
  • The body ratio of this body type is 1:3:1.

All these characteristics of an oval body shape create an illusion of a diamond.

For example- Narrow shoulders, wide waistline, and slim hips.

{STYLING TIP:- As it is an oval body shape, so always try to emphasize the shoulders and hide your round stomach to get a shape. Work on your upper body instead of your lower. Also, try to add length to your short body.}


This body type is the same as a triangle body, but the triangle is upside down. The base of the triangle is at the shoulders, and the tip is towards the hip line. It is also the second desirable body type amongst men. The other names of this body shape are V-body type, cone shape body, and strawberry shape. An inverted triangle body shapes of male generally have:-

body shapes of male
  • Broad and straight shoulders.
  • Properly build chest area.
  • Narrow waistline and hipline.
  • Long upper torso.
  • The body ratio is 3:2:1. 

{STYLING TIP:- As it is almost a perfect body type, but try to balance your heavy upper body with the narrow bottom. Work on your lower section by adding inches to it.}


The male body falls into one of these three categories of body, which are ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. These three body types can depend on your diet, exercise routine, and muscles. These are different from the 5 body shapes of male because these are the categories.

Sometimes, it is possible that you may not fit in any of these categories. But you can be the combination of two(other body shapes). No, let’s understand these body shapes of men:-

body shapes of male
  • Ectomorph:- An ectomorph body type is the leanest body type in these three. A person with this body type can face difficulty in gaining weight because of the fast metabolism. The other characteristics of an ectomorph body are a thin body frame(rectangular body shape), narrow shoulders, undeveloped chest, and long torso.
  • Mesomorph:- This is the most common body type amongst men and can gain weight easily because of normal metabolism. The characteristics of this body type are athletic body, strongly developed chest, average height, strong arms and legs, narrow waist, and broad shoulders(inverted triangle frame.) 
  • Endomorph:- An endomorph body type is completely opposite of an ectomorph because it can gain weight quickly. The characteristics are short height, thick arms and legs, undefined waist, slow metabolism, small upper torso. This body shape person can face challenges in losing weight because of the slow metabolism. It is more of a round shape body type, and a person can have a round face and stomach(oval body type).

Match these characteristics and find out your perfect body types and dress according to them. Now, the biggest question here is that.

Why should a person dress according to their body?

This question is obvious after understanding the body type. We know that every body shapes of male are different from each other. Each shape needs different styling hacks to create an illusion of a perfect body.

Now, let us understand this.

If you know your body type so can emphasize your assets and hide your imperfections. You can work on your body type to make it look proportionate by creating some illusions. 

Even if you have a super attractive body, the wrong choice of clothes can ruin your complete look. Your clothes should always compliment your body type.

body shapes of male

For example:- If you are a triangle body shape person and instead of hiding your heavy bottom. You are hiding your sloping shoulders, which can highlight your bottom, and make you look even bigger.

After this, now you understand that, why it is important to dress as per your body type. Right?

Now, let’s discuss the styling tips and hacks for each body shapes of male.


After understanding your body type, now you need to find the perfect clothing for your body type to make yourself stand out in a crowd. One interesting fact is that women are always attracted to the well-dressed man. 

So, now you know that how important it is to dress appropriately. Here I will guide you about your body type and its strength, weakness, asset, and goals. Let’s start.


The triangle body shape person should focus on their upper torso to widen them because they have a heavy-bottom body type. 

{GOAL:- Add shape to your sloping shoulders by wearing structured tailored clothing items. Try to hide your wide hip section.}

Do’s and Don’ts for a triangle body type person:-

body shapes of male

When you have a heavy bottom and need to hide it, then jackets, blazers can be the best choice for your body type. 

  • Wear jackets, blazers, coats to emphasize your shoulders. It can easily balance your upper body by adding shape and structure to your body.
  • Single-breasted jackets will give a perfect slimming effect to your body.
  • Always choose light colors and small patterns for your upper half to add width. Simple plain shirts or a horizontal pattern can work for this body type.
  • For upper:– Go for T-shirts with collars, round neck, double-collared and structured shirts. Choose prints like- Checks, plaids, bold prints, and stripes. (Prefer light colors always)
  • For bottoms:- Always keep your bottom simple. Avoid any experiment because it can make you look wider. ( Go for dark colors to give a slimming effect)
  • Straight trousers, pants, and jeans in darker shades will work amazingly for a triangle body type. 
  • For belts:- Wear a simple small buckle belt of a dark color to avoid attention. 


  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes like skinny jeans, stretchable shirts, Tight T-shirts, Slim-fit pants, or trousers. (Tight clothes can highlight your extra bulk.)
  • Ignore all elements like pleatings, puff pockets, studs, chains, and patches around your hip area.
  • For colors:- Avoid dark colors for the upper and light colors for the bottom to create a proportionate look. 
  • For prints and patterns:– Don’t choose bright, bold printed bottom to not to grab the attention. Keep it plain and simple. 
  • Never create an imbalanced look. Like:- extremely tight T-shirt and loose bottoms. 


A rectangle is a box-shaped body type, and we need to make it look physically attractive like a trapezoid body. Here we have to work on every section of the body to make it look like a trapezoid.

{GOAL:- Try to widen your shoulders by wearing structured clothing and slim down the waistline. These tricks will create a balanced look.}

Do’s and Dont’s for a rectangle body type.

body shapes of male
  • Try to emphasize your shoulders and create an illusion of a slim waist. Wear structured tailored jackets(single-breasted) and blazers to add shape. (Shoulder pads, buttons, collars) 
  • Use accessories like blazer pins, pocket squares, broaches, ties, and bows to grab attention towards the chest area.
  • Try to do layering of clothes ( wear jackets, blazers, cardigans, T-shirts, vest-coats over shirts). To add volume to the upper torso.
  • Highlight your waistline by wearing broad fancy belts. 
  • Necklines like V-neck and U-neck can be the best choice for a rectangle body shape person.
  • Always choose checks, plaids, thick stripes, and big prints for the upper half. (All in bright and pastel shades.)
  • Choose straight classic fit trousers and pants (prefer dark color.) To create an illusion of a slimmer waist and legs.


  • Avoid loose and baggy clothing items. 
  • Ignore the light-colored bottom because it can make you look wider. 
  • Avoid thin pinstriped shirts and T-shirts (You can wear pinstriped trousers).
  • Never choose a double-breasted jacket over a single-breasted one. (also avoid shapeless uppers) 


the luckiest man on this planet, if you’re looking for the styling tips of a trapezoid body shapes of men. It is the most proportionate body type in all five. 

{GOAL:- Highlight your body type in all possible ways because everyone is working on their body type to look like a trapezoid.}

Do’s and Dont’s for a trapezoid body type.

body shapes of male
  • Almost every color, print, pattern, and texture can work best on this body types of male.
  • Never compromise with fittings. (Fitting is a key aspect)
  • Always dress smartly without disturbing the natural body proportions.
  • Go for vertical stripes for adding length to your upper body. 
  • Focus on color matching, and use a color blocking trick in your dressing to stand out in a crowd.


  • Avoid shapeless clothes. 
  • Never do too many experiments while clothing because it can ruin your look.
  • Avoid too tight bottoms, as you have a slim waist, and it will make your waist look extra small. 
  • Try to ignore clothes that can disbalance your proportions.


We need to work hard on this body type to make it look balanced. The issue with this body shapes of male is the big round stomach. Here we will discuss the styling tips to hide the belly area.

{GOAL:- Try to hide the belly area and stretch out the shoulders and hipline to make it a proportionate body. Add length to the upper torso.} 

Do’s and Dont’s for an oval body shapes of male.

body shapes of male
  • Keep your focus on hiding the belly area. Always wear dark-colored shirts and T-shirts to create a slimming effect
  • Wear vertical stripes and a pinstriped shirt of a classic fit to add length. Choose V-neck and U-neck T-shirts.
  • Try to go for a single color look because it will create an illusion of a slim and long body. (Black color trouser with the black shirt)
  • Do layering of shirts to get vertical lines, which can elongate your upper torso visually.
  • Always keep your dressing simple. Wear classic silhouettes like straight-fit trousers with a shirt or jeans with a casual V-neck t-shirt. 
  • Find your signature style based on your comfort, style, personality, and favorite color. (wearing what you love can boost your confidence)
  • A Three-button blazer will work best on this body type and can easily hide your stomach. Compliment it with a straight cut or loose trouser.
  • Choose structured fabrics to add shape to your body.


  • Avoid light-colored clothing because it can make you look wider.
  • Do not wear bright bold prints that can highlight your round tummy area.
  • Avoid tight-fitted t-shirts with close necks like a turtle neck, round neck, polo neck, and stand collars. 
  • Always avoid a fancy broad belt. (If you want to wear then make sure it is not visible.)
  • Avoid dark color short bottom because it will make you look shorter. (avoid ankle length)


This body shapes of male is also known as a V-body type. It is similar to a trapezoid body type because inverted triangle men also have broad shoulders and narrow hips. But the slight difference between both the body shape is that an inverted triangle person has an extra smaller waist compared to a trapezoid.

(GOAL:- Try to balance your upper torso with the bottom because you have broad shoulders and muscular upper half. Work on the bottom section to create a proportionate look)

Do’s and Dont’s for an inverted triangle body type:-

body shapes of male
  • Always choose a light-colored bottom for this body type to create an illusion of wider hips.
  • Try to bring attention to your waist by adding a belt. (you can wear any belt that can grab attention to balance out the upper torso)
  • Bottoms like cargo pants, straight trousers, ribbed jeans, textured bottoms, chinos, trousers, pleated pants, and joggers can work best for an inverted triangle person. (only avoid too tight bottoms because it will create a slimming effect)
  • Use suspenders to highlight the waist and add length to the torso.
  • Always prefer tailored clothing over readymade because of the unbalanced body proportions.
  • Wear dark-colored plain uppers with printed and patterned bottoms. (For prints:- go for vertical pinstripes in uppers)
  • Choose slim-fit shirts to emphasize your upper torso. (Not body-hugging)


  • Avoid structured jackets and blazers because they will add volume to your shoulders.
  • Try to ignore printed light color shirts. (Big prints, all-over prints, bright colors)
  • Avoid elements like puff pockets, patches, badges, studs, and chain in uppers. (To avoid attention)
  • Never wear skinny jeans and pants. (Also, avoid dark colors in the bottom because it will make your body look smaller.)
  • Do not get ankle-length trousers. (It will cut down your height)

Here, I hope you guys understood all the styling tips and hacks as per your body type. These tricks can help you to look evenly proportionate. There is no hard and fast rule to follow these tricks. But to look balanced, always dress according to your body shape. Now, let’s discuss some questions related to the body shapes of male.

If you want to check your body type on calculator then click here:- BODY FAT CALCULATOR



Ans:- If you are confused about your body shapes of male, then always take measurements of the shoulders, waist, and hips. After this step, if your body ratio is:-

  • 1:2:3 then you are a triangle body shape person
  • 3:2:1 then, you are an inverted triangle.
  • 1:3:1 then, you are an oval shape man.
  • 2:2:2 then, you are a rectangular person. 
  • If your body is well-proportionate, then you are a trapezoid.


Ans:- Everyone wants to look attractive but to look balanced is more important. Always try to balance your body proportions. Do not experiment much while dressing. 

Keep your outfit simple classy to enhance your personality. Always pick colors according to your skin undertone because the right shade of colors can make you look attractive.


Ans:- If you have a big stomach so try to hide it with dark slimming colors. Like black, navy blue, dark green, dark blue, grey, and brown. Avoid fancy elements around your tummy area because they will grab attention. Always choose classic fitted clothes and avoid skinny tight clothing. 

Avoid big printed and patterned uppers. 


Ans:- The most attractive body shapes of male is a trapezoid body. It is a well-proportionate body type. Characteristics of this body type are broad shoulders, well-developed chest, narrow waist, and long attractive upper torso. It is the most desired body shape amongst men because it is easy to style, and almost every color, print, and pattern work well on this shape.


Ans:- Styling your body type is totally depends on your body shape because there are different styling tips for each body shape. First, find out your body type and then follow the styling rules according to it. You can style your body type as you want, but do not disturb the body proportions. Always try to balance your upper and lower torso to create a perfect style. 

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