Fashion is about expressing your personality without speaking a word. The dressing is an art, but wearing clothes in which you are comfortable and feel confident is all about fashion. Being trendy or always stick to the trends can’t make you fashionable if that look or trend is not working for your body type, then it is not worth. Here we will know about fashion capital of the world.

A fashion capital is a city that plays an important role in clothing, also introduces new international fashion trends, fashion styles, silhouettes to the world. Fashion capital of the world have a large no. of fashion contributors and design schools. These are the places where big events like international fashion weeks, fashion awards, and events take place. Most of the fashion designers showcase their collection in international fashion weeks to get worldwide praises and recognition. 



There are four major cities considered as the fashion capital of the world in our 21st century. They are also known as the big four in the fashion industry. 

The four cities are :-





Each of these cities contributes its unique assets to the global fashion industry. There is a continuous competition amongst them, as these are the birthplaces of most of the leading global fashion designers. These four-pillar have shaped the fashion industry by sharing their idiosyncratic sense of style. Fashion values with the global audience and industry.

These legacies will be carried on for a long time from the 21st century to the next one. Tokyo has been emerging in the fashion world, competing with the other fashion capital of the world. By its eye-catching styles in recent years. Soon it will be included in the list as a fashion capital next to the big four. 


These four cities have their unique style and trend that are an inspiration to the global fashion industry. 


MILAN:- It is an exciting and beautiful city with mind-blowing architecture, artwork, and colorful, creative mind people. This city is a proper mixture of tradition as well as modernism. In terms of fashion and trends, Milan is one of the best cities in the world. Milan is the best shopping destination for anyone, also has a colorful, unique style and culture. Milan is an ideal place for any fashion lover because they will get almost every luxury brand in one place. 

The street of Milan is full of boutiques, designers, local and international brands. As many people know about the most famous fashion week in the world is the MILAN FASHION WEEK. It is a life-changing event for international designers and a dream event for upcoming young designers. From the 1970s to 1980s, Milan appeared as the best stylish as well as affordable ready to wear garment production house because of that Milan, became the fashion capital of the world.


fashion capital of the world

PARIS:- Paris is known as the “city of lights” and also the most visited tourist destination in the world. As we all know, Paris is famous for the statue of liberty, but it is also known as a fashion hub of the world. It is not one of the top four fashion capital of the world, but honestly, Paris is the only fashion capital of the world. 

Paris is well-known for its high fashion clothing and modern accessories. The first Haute couture was introduced by ‘Charles Fredrick’s worth’ in the 19th century, and the most famous brands Coco Chanel and, Dior are based in Paris. Talking about the designers, French designers globally contribute a lot and change the whole concept of fashion for everyone. Coco Chanel bought simplicity and elegance in women’s way of dressing in 1931 and Dior accentuated women’s figure after world war II . There are many French designers who shaped over fashion future an revolutionised the way people dressed.

The high street fashion and street style look of Paris is famous amongst worldwide teenagers. The Paris fashion week is also an unmissed event for designers. Every designer wants to showcase their work and unique talent on this platform for worldwide acceptance and recognition. 


fashion capital of the world

NEW YORK:- New York is the most fashionable and stylish city in the world. In an ongoing battle of the top global fashion capital of the world, New York is ranking in the first or second place for the past 10 years. New York is the city that hosts the first fashion week, and that is the reason New York shows the first every year. At the time of world war II, New York became the largest garment production house. At the time of world war, Europe closed their production houses, and the work of uniform production was shifted to the New York.

New York is the only city that has the highest no. of fashion showrooms (total 5000) in the world. The tops fashion weeks of New York are New York fashion weekMADE fashion week and, Mercedes-Benz fashion week.  New York hosts over 75 major trade shows and market weeks every year.

In terms of Fashion, New york city is extremely innovative, and the fashion weeks of this city are responsible for new trends, designs, and styles that will be available to the public. Many top fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ are based in New York City.  


fashion capital of the world

LONDON:- A highly creative and experimental city of England. It is popular for art galleries, big ben, the Tower of London, and many more. It’s a beautiful city and also a perfect destination for fashion lovers. London is also a home for the most famous and successful designers like Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. The fashion history of London has helped the city to grow. London is famous for its innovative style and upper-class style which is inspire by their royalty. 

No matter what trends are running in the market, one thing the remained the same throughout the year is, Londoners proudly carry their upper-class style as a trend. London’s local streets are full of designers, high-street fashion stores, boutiques, and luxury brands. 

The popular London fashion week was started in 1984. It was a successful launch. London fashion week is a big four fashion week, it takes place twice a year during February and September. Nowadays, LFW is an equally important event for the designer to show their talent to the public because London is known for its exciting, innovative style. The successful designers like Hussein Chalayan, Christopher Kane, Channel, Jonathan Saunders take part is the LFW every year. 


Now, let’s have a look on the top 10 fashion capital of the world, instead of the Big four:- 

:- Barcelona (Spain)

:- Los Angeles (USA)

:- Tokyo (Japan)

:- Berlin (Germany)

:- Melbourne (Australia)

:- Mumbai (India)

:- Rome (Italy)

:- Dubai (UAE)

:- Shangai (China)

Fashion capital of the world are known for their style, fashion trends, and fashion events. Fashion weeks, awards, and trade shows are the big events that happen twice a year in fashion capitals. Let’s know more about fashion weeks and events:-


A fashion week is a big platform for designers, brands, and fashion houses to showcase their latest collections on the runway. Fashion weeks play a crucial role in introducing new and upcoming colors, styles, and print trends for the current seasons to the general public. Fashion weeks happen twice every year during February and September as per the seasons in the “Big-four” fashion capital of the world. The top four fashion weeks in the world are Milan fashion week, New York fashion week, Paris fashion week, and last but not the least London fashion week. 

fashion capital of the world
1) Milan fashion week:- Milan fashion week started in 1958. This stunning fashion event highlights the new trend of both the seasons that are fall-winter and spring-summer. The Milan fashion week takes place in Milan that is one of the ‘Big-four’ fashion capital of the world. The famous Italian designers such as Versace, Armani, Parada, and many more showcase their amazing inspired collection in this fashion week. 

fashion capital of the world

2) New York fashion week:- New York fashion week was started in 1943, and that is the first-ever fashion show in the world. New York fashion week introduces the concept of ramp walk to showcase the collections all over the globe. It is also known as the ‘Mercedez Benz’ fashion week. This fashion event takes place twice a year during February and September. The designers and brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and many more big names showcase their designs on this platform.

3) Paris fashion week:- Paris fashion week is one of the most well-known fashion weeks in the world. Like other fashion weeks, Paris fashion week is also held twice a year and showcase, Autumn-Winter, and Summer-Spring collections globally. This fashion week is running since 1973 and hosted by the French government. Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, and Dior are some of the amazing designers that showcase their breathtaking collections to the Paris fashion week. 

fashion capital of the world

4) London fashion week:- London fashion week was started in 1984, and it was the first fashion week that was broadcasted live to the world in 2012. These fashion weeks introduces the upcoming latest trend to the local public worldwide. London fashion week is the youngest fashion week amongst ‘Big four’ fashion capital of the world, as it began after the Milan, Paris, and New York. It is also a tough competitor’s stage because the designers and fashion houses like Alexander white, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood. Others also showcase their latest collection on this stage.

5) Tokyo fashion week:- Tokyo fashion week is famous for its innovative experimental style and trends. The designers of this fashion week represent the most unique styles to the public. The other name of a Japan fashion week is Mercedez-Benz fashion week Tokyo. It is growing faster than other fashion weeks and becoming popular as well as gaining global acceptance. Tokyo fashion week is full of bold and experimental designs. Some of the bold trends in markets come through this fashion week. 

6) Barcelona fashion week:- Barcelona fashion week is known as 080 Barcelona fashion. This fashion event is being organized for almost 41 years in Barcelona, Spain. Generally, in this event, fashion designers and fashion houses reveal their latest autumn-winter and spring-summer collections globally. They exhibit their best and unique style of Fashion accessories, designer apparel, and men wear. Just like other fashion weeks, Barcelona fashion week also occurs bi-annually. Barcelona fashion week is not that famous amongst the general public and also not a fashion capital of the world. But Barcelona is growing rapidly in terms of fashion and styling. 

7) Berlin fashion week:- This amazing fashion week is sponsored by Mercedez-Benz, and it was started in July 2007. In this fashion week, new and upcoming designers of the fashion industry showcase their fall-winter and spring-summer collections on the ramp. Berlin fashion week is gaining popularity because of menswear and sportswear, but mainly designers from berlin and Germany showcase the womenswear in this event. 

8) Los Angeles fashion week:- Los Angeles fashion week (LAFW) is, gaining popularity because of the dedication and hard work of fashion designers and journalists of Los Angeles. The fashion event was started in 1953 to expand the fashion profile of the united states of America. Los Angeles fashion week happens twice a year and showcase the fall-winter and spring-summer collection of designers in March and October every year.

9) Lakme India fashion week:- Lakme fashion week is one of the most successful fashion events taking place in Mumbai every year. In this big event, International and national Indian designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Rohit bat, Tarun Tahiliani showcase their outstanding collections. Lakme fashion week Indian is known for its Indian couture, vibrant, bright colors, and prints. This event is held twice a year and presents the summer-resort wear and winter-festival collections to the public. 

10)Australia fashion week:- It was started in 1995, and also named as Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia. This fashion event is mainly for retail shoppers to buy the latest trends directly from the manufacturer and designers. Australia fashion week showcases the latest upcoming trends of all the four seasons. The main motive of this fashion week is to connect the buyers and sellers directly. The great designers like Alice McCall, Lisa ho, Alex Perry, Leona Edmiston, helped the Australia fashion week to gain global attention.


Paris fashion week Autumn-winter collection 2020


The latest trends in 2020 are quite different because colors like vibrant shades, glowing neon’s, bright, moody hues futuristic color scheme is trending. Prints like animal print, psychedelic florals, polka dots, pinstripes, tropical prints are on fire. The silhouettes are classy and structured with smart cuts like Bermuda with a bra, puff sleeves, knitted dresses, crochet, and tiered dresses. Leather, sheer fabrics, wool, sequence fabric, satin are trending in 2020. To know more about the trends of 2020, regularly follow fashion capital of the world or watch this video.


The fashion industry is growing day by day. Every fashion week and event introduces the latest trends and styles to us every year. Fashion is the only industry that is improving every day and coming up with new ideas. Fashion is different for everyone, for some people, fashion is about being comfortable, some say fashion is wearing new styles and trends, for others, Fashion is clothes.

Everyone has a different perspective on different styles of clothing and trends. Fashion show and events like fashion weeks are important for fashion designers because they can show their talent to the public globally. As we know, there are the top 4 fashion capital of the world, which are New York, Milan, London, and Paris. Each city is known for its unique sense of fashion and a direct connection with trends.

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