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Indian skin tone

8 Popular indian skin tone chart

The skin tone chart is a shade palette/card that is used to check our skin tone shade. Mostly this type of shade card is used by cosmetic companies. As we all know there are many different shade cards, but here we are talking about Indian skin tone chart. Indians are known as brown people, and the most popular shades of their skin tones are also brown hues. So let’s check the Indian skin tone chart.

How to look good in pictures
How to look good

How to look good FOR pictures

How to look good in pictures? is a big problem for some people. Isn’t it? For me also, I am not a photogenic person but a photo lover. I always wanted to look good in pictures, but unfortunately, I never look stunning in photographs. Why? What is the reason behind it? You also want to

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How to look good


Are you looking for How to look good on Zoom? In this COVID-19 period, we all are working online or working from home. Students are giving online exams and attending lectures on zoom meetings, google meetings, and google classrooms. These online platforms are easy to access and best for office meetings.  Most of us are

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Are you looking for the best foundation for Indian skin tone and its shade? Then you are at the right place. Here we will find out the shades that are best for different types of Indian skin tones. These two questions are regularly asked to me as a make-up artist and fashion stylish. That is

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Colour combinations


It’s everyone’s dream to decorate and color their house in the best way. People want to attract people towards their house exterior and bright color. Each and everyone wants to design a wonderful home that is bright, well-designed, and furnished. Today in this topic, we will discuss the best house exterior color combinations. Choosing a

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Colour combinations


TOP 10 EYE-CATHY COLOUR COMBINATION Matching colours is not a difficult task to perform. But, pairing two perfect colours that complement each other is Important in every event. Here we will learn some simple tips about colour combinations and matching. While matching colours, you should always refer to a colour wheel or colour techniques. So,

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body shapes of male
Body shapes


BODY SHAPES OF MALE (Ultimate styling guide) Searching about this query means you are confused about your body type, right? Not to worry body shapes of male is not a big ban theory. Sometimes people think that male body types are different from females. Yes, right but, only one body shape is different and the

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“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment and where you’re going.”

Female body types

The body shape is simply your body outline. It is your body shape and not your size or weight. Your body shape is completely based on your skeleton. Also, there is no right or wrong body shape, every shape is beautiful. Everyone has their imperfection, and strengths beauty comes in all shapes and size.

Dress for your body type

Here we are not fighting against our reality, But by simply trying some tricks to look proportionate according to our body by drawing all the attention to some portions of our body and shifting attention away from the other parts. Knowing your body shape simply helps you to dress in a way f to look balanced

Male body shapes

There are five basic male body shape in male. Rhomboid, triangle, square, oval, and inverted triangle. Everyone wants to look smart and classy in every event or in day to day life for that knowing your body shape is really important as it helps you to dress up according to your strengths.

How to look handsome?

Here we will learn to emphasize the best asset of the body, which will help you to look stylish and perfect. Dressing to your body type is always in fashion. Stop trying to stick with the trends, because it may work opposite for you. Don’t ignore your natural body curves and shape. So let’s find out how to dress for your body type male..

Fashion and styling terms

Style is usually shorthand for personal style or the way an individual expresses themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing accessories, hairstyle, and the way they put an outfit together.

The most impactful trends of the season are artisanal crochet and graphic polka dots to a look at decades past via disco collars and ’60s wallpaper prints, couture feathers, hot pants, bold neons, and many more.

Sustainable fashion is an approach towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing clothes which maximizes the benefits to the fashion industry and society at large, while at the same time minimizing its impact on the environment.

Zero waste fashion refers to items of clothing that generate little or no textile waste in their production. 

8 best dresses for fat people to look slim

If you are overweight, it never means you can’t look amazing. It is all about how you wear a dress according to your body proportions. That is simple and as well as important to know about your body type because it will help you to look slimmer and proportionate there are some hacks and dresses for fat people to look slim. 

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How to dress smart casuals female

Smart casuals are smart dressing style. There are no color restrictions for smart casuals like professional wear. High key colors, neutrals, grey tones, black and white, are the best options for smart casual. Avoid bright and bold colors 

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