It’s everyone’s dream to decorate and color their house in the best way. People want to attract people towards their house exterior and bright color. Each and everyone wants to design a wonderful home that is bright, well-designed, and furnished. Today in this topic, we will discuss the best house exterior color combinations.

Choosing a perfect set of color combinations is important to make your house different from others. But how to choose the best combination is a task. Isn’t it? Not to worry, here you will find the best shades of your dream house.


What exterior colors make a house look bigger?

Ans:- Colors play a crucial role in it because color can create a visual impact on viewers. For example, light colors make you look fat and dark colors can make you look smaller. Same in house exterior color combination lighter the shade bigger the house will look. You can choose the colors like light pink, ice blue, white, lemon yellow, lilac and creams. All these colors will make your house bigger. 

Let’s start with our topic, the best house exterior color combinations.
If you want to color your house according to the theme, then you can go for a tropical theme, Vintage style theme, pop art theme, bohemian theme, classy theme, retro theme, and many other.

Here I will guide you all on some of my favorite exterior color combinations that will blow your mind. These color combinations are not common, and they will enhance your house exterior. So, let’s have a look at the color combinations.


house exterior color combinations

It is one of the best house exterior color combinations because it is subtle yet elegant. You can use this combination in different ways as per your requirement. Like you can add a pop color to your door to change the look. If you are a simple person and want a smart color combination for your house, then definitely go with this set. Browns are easy to pair with other colors like white, yellow, baby pink and other light shades. You can definitely experiment in your way.


house exterior color combinations

It is a bright and stylish color combination for your house exterior. If you are a fun-loving and experimental person, then choose this for your house exterior color combinations. You can add some twists, like creating a design, pattern, adding lighting, and the smart entrance of bright color. That can grab attention and looks super attractive. But never over do anything, like adding too bright colors in a large space. Always use small blocks of bright colors and balance it with the neutral shades.


house exterior color combinations

Grey is a neutral color and can create a perfect combination with any color. According to me, this set of colors is best for artistic people because of its vintage look. It is a welcoming house exterior color combinations. If you want to add something to enhance, then add a pinch of red color to it. If you are using this color combination, then a small garden or flower pot will complement the combination.


house exterior color combinations

Orange is a warm color, and pairing it with white is a mind-blowing decision. To create a bright combination, you can use any hue of your choice and pair them with a neutral shade like grey, white, and black. If you don’t want to color a complete bright orange, then create abstract shapes with orange color on a white base. Give it a try and get superb house exterior color combinations. Use can use small flower pots to decorate the house because the green color compliments orange.


house exterior color combinations

These combinations are a set of light colors like aqua, white, and lime. It is an eye-catching color combination that can grab the attention of anyone. You can use this house exterior color combinations if you want a simple look for your house. This sophisticated color combination is perfect for beach houses or villas because of different earthy tone colors. Shades can vary are per your choice.


house exterior color combinations

Shades of brown color don’t mean to color your house in different browns. But, instead of that, you can use a wooden exterior design to make your house luxurious and beautiful. If you want to paint your house in different shades of brown, then add a white color to create a balance. Because a single color is never advisable for house exterior color combinations.


house exterior color combinations

It is one of my favorite house exterior color combinations because it gives the feeling of happiness, positivity, and joy. This combination is pure and attractive as well. You can use this color combination for the interior also. Grey is a neutral shade, and pairing it with a bright cherries yellow color is the best idea. Go with it. Instead of complete yellow, you can add white or black patterns to it. That will enhance your house.


house exterior color combinations

Blue is a color of trust and loyalty, and using this color with white gives you a perfect calming combination for your house. If you are a simple person with a creative mind, then you can fall in love with this house exterior color combinations. Instead of white, you can also pair a navy blue color with lime or baby pink. Use this color combination, if your house is near a beach.


house exterior color combinations

These three colors are the most favorite colors for house exterior because these are neutral shades, and you can add any bright color to give a pop. It is a super-hit house exterior color combinations and looks Amazing together. The fact is that you will not color your house daily, so it is necessary to choose the right set of color combinations for your home. Instead of these three colors together, you can choose any two of them with one of your favorite colors.


house exterior color combinations

If you don’t want to experiment with your house exterior color combinations, then a complete white home is a perfect option for you. It looks super classy, elegant and gives a mind-soothing environment. White is a color of innocence, simplicity, and a new beginning. But, at the same time, too much white can be boring, So add a twist with an architectural design.  


house exterior color combinations

Yellow and orange are two warm colors that will give a bright look to your house. It is a different color combination and not suitable for everyone. But for those who are looking for something different can use this set of house exterior color combinations. Also, try to add a pinch of white or black color to enhance the complete look. 


If you want to attract people to your house, then this color combination is for you. A bright eye-catching red color with a neutral stone grey creates perfect house exterior color combinations. According to me, it is one of the best color combinations among the top 15 sets. You can use any shade of your choice in these two colors but always keep a light and dark set of colors.


house exterior color combinations

A black is an evergreen color that looks great with every color, and pairing it with blush can be the right choice for everyone. Blush is a dark- medium shade of pink, and you can choose the shade as per your choice. As we all know that, the first impression is the last impression, and your house exterior color combinations play a crucial role in that. Go with this combination if your favorite color is black, pink, or looking for the same shades.


Turquoise color is different and challenging to pair with other colors. But, a perfect shade of grey can complement this color beautifully. You can add a tint of white to create a balance. These house exterior color combinations are excellent for a bungalow or a beachside house. It is a bright and Smart set of colors, which can be used in the interior also. 


A grey is a neutral color, and most of the house exterior color combinations are with grey. Because it gives a sophisticated look to your house, you can use any shade of grey with the choice of your color. These three colors, grey, red and white, are iconic. If you want a classy and simple color combination, then this set of colors are perfect for you. 



  •  Never try to clash or copy the House exterior colors with your neighbors. Pick a set of colors that are contrasting with the neighbors’ house.
  • If you want to make your house look bigger, then go for light shades of colors. Because lighter the shade, the bigger the house will look. 
  • Never try to use too many colors for house exterior color combinations. A set of two or three colors are perfect, but not more than that.
  • Choose colors according to your exterior design and roof. If your exterior is of wood, then choose the contrasting color of brown. 
  • Try to maintain the balance in colors. Choose on dominant color and other supportive colors. The ratio of colors will be 70%(Dominant) and 30%(Supportive).


Now, let me add the other house exterior color combinations for you. These combinations are just to give you the ideas that you can use in your house exterior color combinations. Here I will present only the pictures of color combinations, like bright colors, vintage, vibrant, unique, and the common set of colors. You can mix and match the colors of your choice in different ways. Our motto is to make a beautiful house exterior. So, here are the pictures you can slide and see the other best combinations for you. 

Now, after seeing all these color combinations. Maybe you are clear with the combination and the design for your house exterior. It is not a minute of work to design the exterior of a house and choosing the color. After all, it is your dream house and investing in good quality products is better than temporary work. So now, let us discuss how to select the house exterior color combinations paint because the right paint is more important than a set of colors.



House exterior is different from your interior design because you can change the interior as you want but not the house exterior. Here we will understand how to select the paint for the house exterior color combinations.

  • Good quality product is a key:- We are not going to color our house exterior daily, so try to invest a little more money to get a good quality paint. Premium paint will stay for almost 6,7 years, and low-quality paint can easily affect by climate or stays only for 3,4 years maximally.
  • Oil-based paint:- You can invest in oil-based paint because it is durable, water-resistant, and gives a perfect finish. This paint is worth of money and around of 10$ to 40$ price.
  • Latex paint:- If you are looking for a cheap option, then latex paint is perfect. It is a water-based paint, which is easy to clean but stays only for 2,3 years. The price range is in between 12$ to 17$.
  • (The choice is yours because both the paints are best in their own way. You can select any one of them as per your needs.)
  • Try a swatch method:- It is not necessary that your favourite color will look good on the wall. Always try a swatch method before applying the paint directly. Try small swatches of colors and, then select the set that will enhance the exterior look of your house.
  • Color wheel:- Whenever you are confused about the set of colors, use the color wheel. A color wheel is the perfect option and gives you the best set of colors for your house exterior. You can select any set of three or two colors as per your choice.
  • .Trending themes:- Choosing a set of colors according to the theme is a great and unique idea. Isn’t it? Just imagine everyone is going with a simple color combination, and you are using colors with a theme. For example, you are using a pop theme, then the color combination is bright colors with a neutral shade to balance. Or you can add some pop pattern on the wall to make it more attractive.
  • Try experimenting:- Never go with the common set of colors like whites and browns. They are not in trend anymore, so you can add some pop to your house exterior color combinations by adding a neon-colored door. No, I am not kidding, you can add a neon green door with a grey and white color combination. Or a bright pink door with an all-white look.


1) How often should the exterior of house should be painted?

Ans:- House exterior paints depend on the quality, type of paint, and climatic conditions. As the exterior paints last for 4 to 6 years approximately. But you can change it whenever you want to as per your needs. If the climatic condition of your region is rainy and dry, then it can affect your exterior paint. Otherwise, good quality paint can last for 7years also.

2) Is it better to roll or spray exterior paint?

Ans:- I think roll paint is much better than spray painting because in spray the risk of overlaying and cloudy effect is more. It is your choice, but in spray painting, you will need more paint compares to roll. But, the work will be faster in spray painting. If you want to cover a large area in a limited time, then you can choose to spray paint. Both the techniques have advantages and disadvantages you can choose any method as per your needs.

3) What is the longest-lasting exterior paint?

Ans:- The long lastings paints are the ones that can not effect by the climatic condition. Acrylic paints and oil-based paints are the best if you want long-lasting paints. It will give you a strong, long-lasting finish, super quality, and a perfect choice for house exterior color. The best thing is, it will affect by, sun, rain and other climatic conditions. 

4) What is the most popular house exterior color?

Ans:- Nowadays, everyone is looking for simple classy house colors. So, the colors that are in trend are white, grey, black, beige, and browns. All these colors are neutrals and create a balanced look. The other reason is, these colors are timeless and never go out of fashion. All-white house exterior paint is the most popular and common but looks boring sometimes.

5) How to choose colors for the house?

Everyone wants a dream house, and no one is going to color their house daily. So choosing the right set of colors are important. But never try to create a collage of colors. Always keep it simple, go for monochromes, mind the ratio, create a contrast, choose colors according to the neighbourhood, pick evergreen colors like white and grey. Avoid bright colors.  


I tried to cover everything about the house exterior color combinations in the best way. I hope that you will love the combinations and use them for your house exterior design. If you have any queries related to this topic you can comment below, I will surely answer them. Choosing the combinations for the house exterior is not easy, but you can go for any color for your choice. Just keep in mind to use the contrast colors with them. You can design your house as you want because, in the end, it is your dream house that comes true.

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