how to dress for pear shaped body

How to dress a pear shape body type? is a big question for those who have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Everyone wants to stand out in a crowd with their imperfections as well as their strengths. Styling a pear-shaped body is not rocket science, you just have to focus on your strengths and highlight them to get a balanced look. The strengths of a pear-shaped body are a narrow waistline and sloping shoulders. Now, let’s discuss about the characteristics of pear shape body.

What is a pear shape body type 🔺(TRIANGLE)?

how to dress for pear shaped body

Let us know about the characteristics of a pear shape body and then about the Best dresses for pear shape body type.

A pear shape body type is a triangular shape illusion. If you are a pear-shaped body type then –

1) Your hips are wider than your shoulders and they are also wider than your bust. 

2) If you are a triangle shape body, then your asset is your belly (a well-defined waist).

3)This one is a bottom-heavy person and you may have narrow and sloping shoulders, and legs are sometimes noticeably wider, and fuller as compared to the rest of your body. 

4)If you are a triangular(pear) shape women, then for styling try to emphasize your shoulders to look proportionate.

How to make a Pear Shape Body type looks like an hourglass?

how to dress for pear shaped body

Here, we have to understand some of the styling hacks to create an illusion.

First, we will divide our body into three sections:-

1) Shoulders

2) Bust to waistline

3) Hips to knee

We will work more on the first section: the shoulders because that is the narrowest part of our body. Just to divert the viewer’s attention away from the hips area, emphasize more on our shoulders to look proportionate, which will create an illusion of an hourglass figure.

Now, let’s discuss how to dress for pear shape body type to look like an hourglass figure.


Choosing the correct dress as per our body type and measurements is very important because it can make you look fabulous or can ruin your complete look. So, here are some of the perfect choices for a triangle or a pear shape body type. Our main aim is to make the upper body broader and the lower body look slimmer. Let’s discuss how to dress for pear shape body type.

how to dress for pear shaped body

Look for a pattern or textured tops, as it will draw all the attention to the upper half and helps to achieve a balanced proportion.

:- Now, as we have to emphasize the upper torso with detailing, you can also play around with the necklines like deep V-neckoff shoulder style, boat neck or scoop necks, and even plunging necklinessweetheart neckline to draw attention to the upper body. 

1) Straplesscowls, and halter necklines are also good options.

how to dress for pear shaped body

2)The length of a top is also equally important for this body type because the too short top can highlight your hip area, the long top can make you look shorter. The perfect length for the top is 2 to 3inches below the waistline.

how to dress for pear shaped body
how to dress for pear shaped body
pear shape body

:- Always make sure to wear and pick light and bright colors for tops to emphasize the upper torso.

:- Pick big patterns and prints, it can be a great choice because big prints can make your body broader and also helps you to look like an hourglass figure by creating an illusion of it.

:- Go for horizontal stripes to make the upper torso wider as hips.

:- Avoid colors like black, navy blue, bottle green, dark grey, maroon.

:- Draped tops will work best for a pear-shaped body type person. It can be the best choice.

:- Choose shoulder-padded tops, accessorized tops like ruffles, frills, flounce, pleats, gathers, 3D- patterns, etc. To grab the viewer’s attention on the upper torso instead of hips.


how to dress for pear shaped body

For a perfect pair of bottoms, you have to keep in mind some of the styling rules for this body shape. Make sure to make a visual balance.

As we emphasize the shoulders to look proportionate, so here we will balance it with straight-cut jeans or trousers. The other best options for the bottom are high-waisted jeansboot-cut jeans (straight from the waistline to the knees, and then slightly flared to the ankle).



how to dress for pear shaped body

Some of the best choice for the skirts are straight skirtA-line skirt can be the best friend of a pear shape body type person.

Other skirts are a paneled skirt, trumpet skirt, and a bias-cut skirt.

These types of skirts can help you to look slimmer. 



:- Avoid bulky, flared, and a draped style skirt.

:- Don’t wear accessorized bottom, as it will highlight your hip area and can make you look wider and bulky.

:- Don’t choose any bright and light colors for bottom wear. It will make you look wider.

:- Try to avoid front zips.

:- Avoid any gathered and box pleated patterns, as it will make you look wider.

:- Completly avoid front button-down skirts.

:- Avoid a pencil and short skirts because they can highlight your butt.


how to dress for pear shaped body

1) A-line dress:- A-line dress is one of the most comfortable dresses and also a perfect silhouette for a pear shape body because it will fall away from the hip area, and can easily help you to hide your imperfections

2) Wrap dress:- As we all know the well-defined waistline is an asset of a pear-shaped body, and a wrap dress can be the best option to highlight the waistline. Wrap dresses have a belt that can easily help you to grab the viewer’s attention toward the waist and create an illusion of a perfect figure.

3) Maxi dress:- Flowy fabric maxi dresses can work best for you, as the length and a flowy fabric can easily hide all the imperfections. The Maxi dress is one of the most flattering silhouette, as it will fall around your body without giving you an extra inch. Also, a good option for you to invest in.  

4) Empire line dress:- Dresses with a high raised waistline can easily attract anyone. As it will create a beautiful figure and also highlight your bust area. Empire line dresses can make an illusion of an elongated body.

5) Jumpsuits:- Jumpsuits is a smart silhouette and can work for anyone in the best way. Here we are styling a pear shape body type, so the types of jumpsuits which will give you a perfect figure are flared pants jumpsuit, off-shoulder jumpsuit, culotte jumpsuits, and a wide-leg jumpsuit. These are the most appropriate styles for a pear shape body.

These are the best dresses for pear shape body type.


how to dress for pear shaped body

Jackets are something that can pair with any type of dress. Any style of a jacket can work for a pear shape body type person because jackets can easily highlight the upper torso. 

1) Denim jackets:- Denim is the most versatile fabric, and can easily match with any silhouette. It can add texture to your body, which can help you to highlight the upper torso and grab the attention of the viewers. Denim can make your upper half look broader and balance the body proportion easily.

2) Cropped jackets:- To look sexy you can add a cropped jacket in your wardrobe. A cropped jacket can garb observers’ attention towards your waist. Short jackets will help you to add volume and avoid adding fabric at hips. 

3) Quilted jackets:- As we are focusing on the upper torso to balance it with the hips, quilted jackets can be the best choice for it. These jackets can add volume to the upper torso with its quilted texture. Quilted jackets can be a perfect choice for winter fashion. 

4) Blazer:- Structured blazers can emphasize your shoulders, and make it look broader. To create an illusion of an hourglass figure, shoulder pads, and textured patterns will work best for this body type. Always make sure that blazer or a jacket hits right at the waistline to get a most flattering figure.

5) Overcoats:- Overcoats can easily hide all the imperfections around the hip area. Coats are an interesting silhouette and make you look extremely stylish. The length of the overcoat is the most suitable for a pear shape body type because it will hide the hip area and can enhance the legs. 


Styling plus-size women is not a difficult task, you just have to keep in mind some of the simple styling rules and fashion tricks. Here we will guide you about how to dress for pear shape body type to look slim and attractive.

As you know the pear shape body type is an illusion of a triangle, so we have to work on the lower body but also keeping in mind that we are styling a plus-size person. Now for that, you have to focus on two different things

1) How to hide the hip area with different silhouettes.
2) Complete focus on colors, fabrics, and flattering prints.

We already discussed about how to dress for pear shape body type , now along with that we will focus on prints, colors, textures, and fabrics, that will help you to look slimmer.

how to dress for pear shaped body

1) Tops and bottoms:- Two-piece dresses are quite challenging for a triangular body type because it can highlight your lower body. To fix this problem, we will use colors and prints to hide the lower body and highlight the upper torso.

:- For tops, if you want to wear prints, then always choose small prints, vertical pinstripes (to make upper torso slim and elongated), All-over prints, and small checks. 

Match it with dark colors like black, navy blue, dark green, grey, olive, browns because these colors are the most flattering and also helps you to camouflage the hip area.

Try to pick the flattering fabrics to avoid an extra inch. Satin, silk, velvet, polyester-blend, viscose, and matter jersey all of these fabrics can make you look slimmer. Keep these fabrics for the upper-body only because they can make the lower body appear larger. 

:- For bottoms, if you want to match printed bottoms with plain tops or blouses always keep in mind to wear vertical stripes, polka dots, and small floral prints.

Match it with a simple and sophisticated dark-colored top. Don’t wear any bright colors, because it can easily make you look broader.

how to dress for pear shaped body

2) Maxi dresses:- A single-colored maxi is one of the most flattering silhouettes. It is also an easy way to add length to your body by creating a clean sweeping look. Dark shades and neutrals will work best for your body type in any type of small print. 

3) All black look:- Style yourself in all-black looks, is an easy way to look slim and attractive. Pair black satin cowl top with straight-cut pants, Deep V-neckline top with a black A-line skirt. For a flattering look, you can also go for satin, silk, polyesters type fabrics.

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Smart casuals are nothing but a sophisticated, neat look. It is smarter than sportswear and casual than office wear. Smart casual dressing is suitable for every occasion, and person. Let’s talk about how to dress for pear shape body type?

The styling rule is the same for every single look, but here we will talk about dresses and silhouettes. That is casual as well as smart. 

how to dress for pear shaped body

1) Informal smart casual style:- This type of style you can carry off for any party, date, wedding event, and for outings. As we are emphasizing the pear shape body type, and we need to highlight the upper body.

The best silhouettes to complement the smart casual look are:- 

:-Textured jacket with a straight dress, and a smart pair of heels. 

:-Dark-colored jeans with a deep V-neckline T-shirt add a smart cut structured jacket to complete this look.

:- Printed and patterned jackets, and give you an attention-grabbing look.

(you can pair these jackets with straight pants or trousers).

:- A flared pant jumpsuit over a casual T-shirt, to compliment your look go for a good pair of boots. 

:- Always try to highlight your upper torso and waistline, you can use a belt to emphasize the waist. 

These are some of the smart and attractive looks, but you can experiment with your look as per your comfort and style. You can also refer to the dresses for pear shape body type and mix it with other silhouettes.



how to dress for pear shaped body

2)Formal office wear look:- office wear look can also enhance your personality and style as well. With these dressing styles, you can also experiment and convert your boring office wear to a smart dressing style. If you are confused about how to dress for pear shape body type for office outings, and for office then here are some tips:-

As we can’t experiment with the bottom wear, so we will focus on the upper half. Dressing for office outings and outdoor business meetings can be challenging because you have to dress appropriately. The biggest question is how to look stylish in office wear?. 

:- Office wear or a work wear is all about blazers, blouses, straight pants, trousers, skirts, and a smart pair of sandals.

:- For a smart stylish look, you can wear a light color printed blouse with straight pants. To look more professional you can carry a blazer on it.

:- Try a vertically striped shirt with ankle-length trousers. 

(Always pair shirt with trousers and blouse/top with a skirt)

:- To divert the viewer’s attention you can also carry a smart structured bag. 

:- A knee-length dress with a blazer or a structured jacket can compliment your body type. Wear statement accessories to enhance your look. 

:- Try to stick to your signature style, don’t be too experimental with this fashion look. Avoid sleeveless, short dresses, bright colors, big prints, and tight clothes. 

:- The last and important styling tip is to be comfortable with your dress. 

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT PEAR SHAPE? Then let’s discuss some questions about how to dress for pear shaped body….

Related questions:-

1) What pear shapes should not wear?

:- Try to avoid any type of silhouette that can highlight your hip area like bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, waist-length tops, embellished bottoms.
Also, try to avoid large and box fitted dresses.
For colors, avoid dark shades for the tops and blouses, as it will create an illusion of a smaller torso. Never pick light and bright colors for bottoms, because light color can make your body look wider and highlight it.
Avoid big pattern prints and horizontal stripes for bottoms.

2) How to dress for pear shaped body?

:- Every style can look best on a pear shape body with the help of simple styling rules. Dressing style also depends on the comfort level of an individual. For a pear-shaped body, tries to pick the styles that can highlight your strengths.

Here we will discuss the best three styles for a pear shape body type…
1) Casual style can easily complement your body type, but avoid the styling rules for a pear-shaped body.
2) Street style is also a great fashion style for a pear shape body because you can do experiments according to your strengths and weaknesses.
3) Bohemian style clothing is about loose clothing, but it can also highlight your strengths with the patterns and prints. You can add some accessories like a belt or a neck-piece to create a balanced proportion.

3) What are the best colors for a pear shape body type?

:- Yes, color plays an important part in the styling of a pear-shaped body.
Colors can make your look or can break your look because the wrong colors will work against your body type.
Choose light, bright, pastel shades for the upper torso to make it look wider, as well as to highlight the upper half. Light colors can give you a proportionate look. The best color for the upper torso is white.
Pick all the dark shades for the bottoms because it will help you to hide your problem area. Dark colors can help the body to appear slimmer.

4) How apple shaped body and pear shaped body is different?

The apple-shaped body is known as a top-heavy person, your measurements of shoulders, bust, waist are almost similar. Don’t have a defined waistline, your asset is your thinner shapely legs.
Body measurements of a pear-shaped body are different because a pear-shaped person doesn’t have uniform measurements. They have narrow shoulders, defined waistline, and wide hips.
The biggest difference between both the body types is a defined waistline.


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