If you are looking for an answer for how to dress with an hourglass figure, it means you know your body type and has complete knowledge of it.

But sometimes, people get confused about their body type.

Here we will discuss everything about an hourglass body shape. But before that, let us understand the other body types and how to dress with an hourglass figure.

How to determine body shape by measurements?

Whenever you are confused about your body shape, then always take a measuring tape and start taking the measurements. You have to take three required measurements to know your body shape.

  • Take shoulder measurements
  • Waistline measurements
  • Hip area measurements.

These three measurements can help you to know your body shape.

  1. If your hips and shoulders are of the same width with a narrow waist, then you are an hourglass figure.
  2. If your shoulders are the broadest part of your body with a slim hip line, then you are an inverted triangle person. Your body proportion will be 3:2:1.
  3. You can be a triangle body shape person if your hip area is bigger than the other two body parts. Body proportions can be 1:2:3.
  4. If the measurement of your tummy area is more than your shoulders and hip, then you are an oval body type. The body ratio will be 2:3:2.
  5. If all three body measurements are equal, then you can be a rectangle body shape. The body ratio for this shape is 2:2:2.

After the measurements, now let’s understand everything about how to dress with an hourglass figure. To know your body type, you can use a body shape calculator.

What is an hourglass body shape?

An hourglass figure is the most desirable and feminine body shape amongst all five. Almost every girl wants to look like an hourglass because it is a perfectly proportionate and attractive body shape. If your shoulders and hips are equal in size with a defined waistline, then you are an hourglass. Now, let us discuss all the other characteristics of an hourglass body shape.

(Interesting fact:- Only 8% of women have an hourglass figure in the entire world.)

Characteristics of an hourglass figure?

These characteristics can help you to understand your body type without taking measurements. It is also important to know about your figure for dressing. If you are an hourglass figure, then you tend to have:-

how to dress with an hourglass figure

Shoulders and hips are of the same width.

Generally have a fuller bustline.

A narrow and defined waistline.

Feminine body curves.

Bigger thighs and round buttocks.

The body ratio is 4:2:4.

After understanding the characteristics now, let us find out how to dress with an hourglass figure. 


As we all know, the hourglass is a well-proportionate body type in women, and it complements almost every style, cut, and silhouette. It is simple to style an hourglass figure because of the perfect shape. If you are an hourglass person, then you can wear almost every silhouette. But, try to mix and match to create a different yet stylish look.

Here we will discuss the styling tips on how to dress with an hourglass figure.

{GOAL:- Our main goal is to highlight the naturally defined waistline and feminine curves.}


how to dress with an hourglass figure
  1. Try to choose a dress that can enhance your body type. Always avoid loose clothing (baggy clothes, shapeless dresses, straight box fit) because it can hide your waistline.
  2. Always choose colors according to the body part. If you want to highlight the lower body, then pick light colors bottom and vice-versa.
  3. Pick clothes that can enhance your body curves, use belts to highlight the waistline. 
  4. Avoid structured and heavy fabrics because they can add bulk to your body. 
  5. While choosing prints, always keep in mind to go for small and all-over print. Try to wear printed tops instead of bottoms to highlight the upper body half.


It is necessary to dress as per your body type to look attractive and proportionate. Your body shape can guide you about your asset and weakness. Each body type has different styling rules and hacks that you should always follow while dressing. These rules can help you to hide your weakness and emphasize your asset.


how to dress with an hourglass figure
  • Wrap-around dress:- An wrap-around silhouette can quickly grab viewers’ attention towards your slim waist because of the attached belt. Generally, a wrap-around dress has a V-neckline, which is a perfect choice for an hourglass figure. It also creates an illusion of a long torso. 

{While buying a wrap-around dress, always choose flattering and flowy fabrics to avoid extra inches. You can choose any color and print of your choice.}

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  • Bodycon dress:- A bodycon dress can be a perfect silhouette to highlight your body curves. It is a body-hugging dress, which will stick to your body as per the shape. You can also add a belt to lock the viewer’s attention to your waist. A bodycon dress is mostly available in stretchable fabrics.

{While buying a body cone dress, try to look for vertical stripes to add length. 1inch stripes can be a good option.}

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  • A-line dresses:- This is the most flattering and a universal silhouette. An a-line dress can look amazing on each body shape and give a flattering look because of the a-line cut. This dress is fitted on top to highlight the waist area and smoothly flow from to hips.

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  • Peplum dress:- A peplum dress is chosen to highlight your waist and hips area because of a flounce. You can choose any style such as asymmetric peplum, handkerchief peplum, pleated peplum, and hip level peplums.  

{While buying a peplum dress, try to avoid printed peplum because it can confuse the viewers. Always go for dark and subtle colors}

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  • Cut-out dress:- A cut-out on waist patterned dress can grab viewers’ attention to your defined waist, which is your asset. Never forgets to show off your slim curvy waist. ( If you don’t want to highlight your waist, then choose a dress that has different cut-outs.) 

While buying a dress, always choose a dress that can highlight your waist and the bust area. For example:- Side-cut dress, chest-cut dress, twist front cut-out dress, and waist-cut dress.}

After the dress. now let’s find out how to dress with an hourglass figure casually.


Casual wear is a more relaxed and spontaneous dress code that can suit every informal event. We used to dress casually every day without adding too much effort. 

Now, the topic is how to dress with an hourglass figure casually. So, let’s find out some best casual dresses for an hourglass. 

An hourglass figure is a perfectly proportionate body shape, and a girl with this body type can wear anything of her choice. But without disturbing the body shape.

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  1. Casual wear is more about comfort and personal choice. So, you can wear a simple fitted t-shirt with a flared pants or a loose T-shirt with straight jeans. 
  2. Styling tip:- Always use the loose and fitted combination. If your top is fitted, then your bottom should be loose.
  3. You can also use layering of clothes but never go for shapeless items. For example:- Try to pair straight jeans with a bright-colored jacket(cardigan, blazers, shrugs) over a printed top.
  4. You can wear a dark-colored bodycon dress with a denim jacket. (Add an elegant necklace to complete the look)
  5. Styling tip:- Use a bright color for the upper layer and keep the rest of the look simple to look attractive.
  6. A most simple and effortless casual dress for an hourglass is an A-line dress. (Add a broad belt to highlight your waist.) 
  7. Also, try a crop top with jogger pants and white sneakers. A crop top can show off your waistline, and jogger pants will balance the proportions.
  8. For skirts:- You can wear a mini skirt with full sleeves t-shirt and high-knee boots to complement your complete look.
  9. Styling tip:- Always keep printed with plain. If you have a printed skirt, then choose a single-colored t-shirt to pair.

You can use these styling tips anytime and anywhere. These tips will help you to look visually appealing. Now, let us find out the way for how to dress with an hourglass figure plus size.


As we know, an hourglass is a balanced figure, and we don’t need to create a visual balance. But for an overweight person, we will use some hacks to create a flattering look with the same dresses. Here I will guide you on how to dress with an hourglass figure plus-size and styling hacks to look slimmer. 

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  1. Styling hack for prints:- Always choose prints, like vertical pinstripes, small floral prints, All-over patterns(small patterns), and small polka dots. All these prints can create an illusion of a small body, and vertical stripes will add length to your torso. 
  2. Styling hack for colors:- As for colors, you can wear dark shades because dark colors create an illusion of a slimmer body. There are no restrictions on dresses but wear dark colors to look thin. 
  3. Styling hack for fabrics:- You should always avoid textured, stuff, and thick fabrics because all these fabrics will add an extra inch to your body. Wear flowy and soft materials, like silk, satin, velvet, and polyester. These fabrics will fall on your body and create an illusion of a small frame.
  4. Styling hacks for dresses:- Just like an hourglass, you should also avoid loose and shapeless clothing because it will make you look fuller.
  5. Styling hack for accessories:- Here, we will use the accessories to divert the viewer’s attention away from the problem area. For example:- Carry bright printed bags to get compliments and, along with that, it will shift attention to the bag instead of the body.


Just like dresses, your top should be fitted and help you to enhance your curves. We used to buy tops casually without understanding our body shape. Like, for an hourglass, there are selected tops that can highlight your shape. Here we will discuss some styles of tops that are suitable for your figure.

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  1. Fitted T-shirts:- A fitted silhouette will hug your body and enhance your perfectly shaped body. It will give a clear vision to viewers of an hourglass shape.
  2. Belted tops:- Anything that can highlight your waist will look best on your body. Like belts and belted tops can enhance your slim waist by grabbing attention. Belted tops look super stylish and need minimal styling.
  3. Frilled tops:- There are many frilled and ruffles tops in the market, but for your body type, you should always choose fitted frilled tops. These elements are girlish and look amazing after wearing. (Avoid frills on the bust area because an hourglass figure generally has a heavy bust area.)
  4. Deep neckline tops:- The deep neckline will elongate your torso visually and shift attention to the midsection. It can also highlight your bust area and make you look sexier. 
  5. Off-shoulder tops:- This style of the top will add volume to your upper torso without disturbing the proportions. It will show off your shoulder and highlight your chest. You can also wear boat neck tops. 

All these styles of tops are perfect for an hourglass figure because they are enhancing the natural curves of this body type. Let us find out the types of necklines that will suit your body.


how to dress with an hourglass figure

Whenever you went for shopping, always try to pick necklines that will not disturb your shape. You can wear necklines that are round in shape to avoid attention. Like, oval, scoop, round, jewel, and boat neck.

If you are comfortable with plunging necklines, then deep V-neck, deep U-neck, Plunging necks, cowl necklines, sweetheart, and scallop can be a perfect choice for you.


The main rule of dressing is all about a perfect clothing item as per the body. Now, for skirts:- you should always pick a skirt that can enhance your waist without adding bulk to your body.

how to dress with an hourglass figure

:- If you are an hourglass figure, then you must have a pencil-fitted skirt in your wardrobe. It is a classic silhouette and an essential part of your closet. 

:- You can also go for tutu skirts, tulip skirts, circular skirts (knee or calf length), an A-line skirt, and a bias cut skirt. These skirts will make your waist look smaller. (Always prefer high-waisted skirt over low waist)

:- Try to avoid skirts like straight cut, boxy skirts, balloon skirts, and flounce skirts, embellished skirts because all these styles will add unwanted bulk to your lower body. It can also disturb the body proportions by creating an illusion of a heavy bottom. 


As per the styling rules, your bottom should always complement your top and create a perfect balance. Bottoms like straight-cut pants, slim-fit trousers, boot-cut jeans, flared jeans, and wide-leg pants will give a perfect balance to your body. 

how to dress with an hourglass figure
  • Avoid embellished pants that have big pockets, patches, and embellishments because they will add bulk to your lower body. 
  • Pick waist-waisted trousers and pants to make your waist look smaller. 
  • Always create a balance of your lower body with the upper torso to look proportionate.
  • (Extra styling tips:- If you are wearing low waist jeans, then pair them with a crop top to highlight your waist.)


A wedding is the most important event for a bride, and everyone wants to look gorgeous. But, as per the styling rules, a person should always dress according to their body type to look gorgeous.

how to dress with an hourglass figure

Here we will find out the best wedding dresses for an hourglass figure bride. There are some silhouettes and elements that will complement an hourglass. Like, Aline gown, ball gown, trumpet, mermaid, and trail grown. All these styles of dress will highlight your curves and create a balanced look for your important day.

These simple rules and hacks will help you in dressing. As you have an hourglass figure, then you have everything. But creating a balanced look is important as well. Here I covered the topic of how to dress with an hourglass figure and almost everything about it. Now, you can follow this trick to rock the stage. 


  • Do I have an hourglass or a pear figure?

Ans:- There is a major difference between an hourglass and a pear-shaped figure. If you are an hourglass body shape person, then you a perfectly proportionate body type. Your shoulder and waist are of the same measurements. If you are a pear shape figure then, you are a bottom-heavy person. Your waist is wider than your other body parts. 

  • How to dress with an hourglass figure and why is an hourglass figure attractive?

Ans:- An hourglass shape is considered the most attractive body shape because it is well-proportionate. A person with this body type has a fuller bust line and hip area with a defined waistline. This shape creates a perfect balance and visually appealing. It is the easiest body type to dress and style. 

  • What is the meaning of the 36,24,36 figure?

Ans:- These are the body measurements of bust, waist, and hips, most proportionate body measurements. First is the bust area measurements(36″), second is the waistline(24″ curvy), and third is the hips area(36″). All these measurements create an hourglass body shape because the bust and hips are of the same width with a defined waist.

  • How to dress with an hourglass figure with a big tummy?

Ans:- If you are an hourglass figure, then you are blessed with a perfect body. But, for a big tummy, there are some simple styling hacks to hide it.

:- Wear vertical thin stipes to creates an illusion of a slim body.

:- Avoid broad belt because it will highlight the bulk.

:- Avoid waist hemlines, belted tops, and elements around the tummy.

:- Always choose dark color shades to create a slimming effect.

:- Wear flattering fabric, flow fabrics, and straight silhouette. 


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