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In this COVID-19 period, we all are working online or working from home. Students are giving online exams and attending lectures on zoom meetings, google meetings, and google classrooms. These online platforms are easy to access and best for office meetings. 


Most of us are attending office meetings on zoom, and sometimes we look washed-out in it. Right? So, here we will discuss some points on how to look good on zoom?. Let us start with the topic.


Some simple but important tips will help you to look good in zoom meetings. Zoom is an online meeting platform where you can host or join the meeting. Here are some points that you can consider for how to look good on zoom.

GOOD QUALITY CAMERA:- As we all know, nowadays camera quality is a must. Good quality of camera can make your face brighter and lighter. If the camera lens is not clear, broken, or dull, then it can affect your appearance in a meeting. Nothing will help you in this situation. 



  • Just for a camera, you can not change the laptop. Right?
  • So, you can get a lightweight webcam to improve the camera quality, noise reduction, and focus. There are many webcams available in the market and online also. 

PERFECT LIGHTING:- Lighting is a key. It can make your look or can break your look. If you are not facing the light, then you will appear dark on the screen. You always need to sit in the opposite direction of the light. It will add glow to your face and make you look brighter.



  • You can sit in front of the window, so the natural light can brighten up your face. 
  • If your office meetings are at night, add a ring light, or use a lamp to increase the light on your face.

ANGLE OF CAMERA:- In this digital world, you need to focus on everything to look good on zoom. A perfect angle means a perfect photograph. Just like that, a right angle of the camera indicates a right frame in zoom meeting. 



  • Try to keep a safe distance between you and your laptop because you will look bigger if the screen is near your face. 
  • The laptop camera should match your eye level to avoid the double-chin issue. 
  • Always keep your laptop screen at a 90degree angle (L-SHAPE) to get a perfect frame. A sloppy screen can show the unnecessary view of your roof instead of you. 

DRESSING IS ESSENTIAL:- A right color is as important as your dress. Always wear a color that complements and enhances your skin complexion. Not every color will look good on you, and that’s the reason you look washed out in zoom meeting. The color of your dress should match your skin undertone. 


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  • Keep your dress simple and elegant. Avoid bright, bold, big patterns for a zoom meeting. 
  • Go for the smart casual outfit and pick the right shade of color to look bright. 

BACKGROUND COLOR:- For zoom meetings, the backdrop matters. If you want to stand out on the screen, then choose a background color according to it. For example- Try to use a dark, plain background for the zoom calls. You can pick a solid black color, blue, grey, and bottle green. 



  • Use contrast color background. If you are wearing a light-colored dress, use a dark background and a light shade for a dark-colored dress.
  • You can use a printed background, Only if your dress is plain(Without prints).
  • Keep your background plain and neat to avoid distraction. 

Now, after all these points, lets us discuss how to look good on zoom at night? Everyone wants to look good for the meetings. 


Many of us are working in shifts, and on the night shift, we need to look as fresh as morning. But how? Here are the solutions for how to look good on zoom. We will use some simple tips to look amazing on the zoom calls at night. Let’s start.

how to look good on zoom at night
  1. At night you can’t get the natural sunlight to brighten up your face. But you can use the ring light, lamps, extra bulbs, and fairy light to glow.
  2. Keep white, ice blue, baby-pink colored backgrounds to enhance. All the neutral and pastels will work best at night.
  3. Try to avoid too much makeup because sometimes make-up for night video calls looks horrible. 
  4. Wear dark-colored printed dresses, blouses, or shirts to look attractive at night. Prints look amazing at night like, a bright-colored, all-over printed dress can be your choice. 
  5. Always attend a zoom meeting with full brightness because the screen lights can affect your appearance at night.  

These tricks will definitely solve your issue on how to look good on zoom at night. We appear dark at night because of the fewer lights. You can add lights as you want but always use the same color light that can compliment your skin. Now, let’s find out how to look good on zoom with makeup?


We girls love to do makeup and to click lots of selfies. Isn’t it?

But sometimes, we look washed out even with filters, so we use makeup to look glamorous in photos. Same in zoom meetings and calls, you can use makeup not just to hide your flaws but to highlight your skin. Here we will discuss some tips on how to look good on zoom with makeup.

How to look good on zoom makeup
  1. Try to keep your look natural. Use minimum makeup products for zoom meetings because layered makeup can look ashy on camera.
  2. Cameras are worst for keeping secrets. It can highlight your dark circles, spots, and uneven skin tone. So it’s better to use a foundation with the right shade of concealer
  3. Use a warm shade of blush to highlight the cheekbones. Try to avoid cool shades because you will look darker in cool tone blush. 
  4. Apply thin eyeliner, or you can use a white liner inside the lower eyelids to make your eyes look bigger. In cameras, bigger eyes look super attractive. 
  5. Don’t forget to use nude or light shades of lipsticks to keep a natural look. You can also use lipgloss to make your lips bigger. 
  6. For acne and pimples, use pimple patches before makeup. It can hide your pimple easily without irritation. 

Now, as after makeup and night meetings. Let us discuss some points on how to look good on zoom without makeup.


Sometimes we don’t get time to get ready or to do our daily makeup. Right? It happens to me every next day. But, how to solve this problem? So, let’s discuss some hacks that you can use to look good on zoom.

Touch up my appearance:- To look good on zoom without makeup, you can use the in-build setting of zoom. Go to video settings – then click on the ‘touch up my appearance button to get a smooth sparkling face.

How to look good on zoom without makeup

Background and filters:- Zoom meeting added some amazing tools that can make you fabulous.
To change your appearance:-
Go to setting- background and filter- Studio effect(right-side corner)
Now, change your eyebrow and lip color, or you can also add a mustache and beard.

Maintain distance:- You can keep a safe distance between you and your device so that you look much better on the screen. As you are attending a meeting without makeup, so distance can help you to look good and it will hide all the imperfections also.


Wear accessories:- You can wear accessories to divert attention. It is a simple fashion rule- if you don’t want to highlight any part of the dress, then the divert attention to somewhere else. You can attract people towards your accessories and not your face. This trick will help you look more attractive.

A good hairstyle:- It is ‘OK’ to attend the meeting without makeup, but you should do a good hairstyle. Healthy and shiny hair is the only thing that you need to look perfect on zoom.

Apply foundation on the camera:- A simple tip is to apply a thin foundation layer on the camera. Yes, it is silly, but works really well. You can use this trick any time and anywhere. Avoid too much foundation because it will make the screen blur and dark. It is a risky tip but give it a try.

What next?

So, after discussing so many tips and tricks on how to look good on zoom. Let us find out one more solution on how to look good on zoom with the glasses. Many of us may be facing the issue of glare while attending an online zoom meeting. Here are some points on how to look good on zoom with glasses.


Nowadays, many of us wear glasses for better vision, and in this covid period, we are attending lots of online meetings. But, sometimes these glasses look unattractive and ugly on zoom meeting even after natural lights and make-up. So, can we look smart with glasses on zoom? The answer is Yes. You can look attractive even with glasses. How? Let us find out.

  1. Light reflection problem:- The most common issue with the glasses is the reflection. So you can try to cover the source of light that is creating a reflection. For example- Put a dark-colored block on the back of the laptop. Not on the sides because we need some source of natural light to look flawless. You can also try soft light to avoid glare.
  2. Computer screen:- If the computer screen is creating a refection, then try to keep your laptop at a lower angle. You can place it below the chin level to avoid reflection. If your computer is above your chin level so try to tilt your face down while taking. It is pretty challenging, but you can try it to avoid the glare.
  3. Light source:- A source of light is important for zoom meetings and other online meeting platforms. For glasses always try to stick with the natural light, lamps, and bulbs. Avoid the source of light that creates shadow like ring lights and fairy lights. All the harsh lights will create glare on the glasses. 
  4. Switch to lens:- Instead of glasses, you can switch to contact lenses. It is the best idea to avoid glare or reflections. You can buy lenses after an eye exam or a routine eye checkup. Try to choose a reputed prescribed brand and check the power and your details twice before order.
  5. Bring down the brightness:- Your computer screen is also a source of light, and to avoid glare, you can reduce the brightness. It can be difficult for you to see things clearly, but it can help you out. Try to adjust the brightness as per your need. Instead of all these points, you can get anti-reflective glasses for the zoom call.

I hope all these points can help you to look better in the zoom meeting with and without effort. Now, let us find out the best zoom meeting backgrounds that you can use. The backdrop plays an important role in zoom meetings and other digital platforms. It can add reflection to your face. So, let’s start.


There are two types of background to use in the zoom meetings that can solve your issue on how to look good on zoom. The first is virtual zoom meeting backgrounds that are available in the app, and the second is your backgrounds.

Virtual zoom meeting backgrounds are different and Interesting. You can use any one as per your choice. The backgrounds like the bookshelf, modern, conference room, typical workspace, library, private jet, and the home office backgrounds are best for zoom meetings. Let us know to use these backgrounds in the zoom calls.

  1. First, you need to download the Zoom meeting app on your pc/mobile.
  2. Open the application and log in to your account.
  3. Click on the setting icon. (top right-hand corner)
  4. Now, click on the virtual meeting backgrounds. (Left menu)
  5. Select any virtual background of your choice, or you can also download other backgrounds of your choice.
  6. To change your background during the ongoing zoom call. Click on the arrow next to the stop video button, then click on the virtual background option.
  7. All set.

Now, let me show you some of the best zoom meeting background images that you can also use in the meetings.
(Important tip:-Try not to wear clothing that is the same color as your backdrop.)

After the virtual backgrounds, let us discuss some of the most common backdrops that you can use in the zoom meetings.

Always use a solid backdrop color to look standout on the screen. A solid dark color will not create any disturbance and make you look good and professional. The colors like black, navy blue, grey, white, green, and brown are the best colors for zoom meetings.

{Extra tip:- If you have a small untidy room, then you can use a blanket or a piece of cloths as your background. Here are some background images.}

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  • What color looks best on zoom?

Colors completely depend on the light, background, and skin tone. You should wear the colors that look best on your skin. Zoom is an online meeting platform, and you need to look good on camera, so wear bright pop colors that can compliment you in the best way.
Always wear a color that is in contrast to the background to stand out.
The colors like red, blue, pink, green, and yellow look amazing on camera. You can try it. Avoid dull and washed-out colors such as white and cream because these colors can make you look sleepy.

  • How can I make my face look better on zoom?

To make your face look better on zoom, try to stick with the natural light because it will add shine to your face. You can also do a no-makeup look to hide all the imperfections of your face. Sitting opposite the window and putting the camera at eye level is the position to look better on zoom. It will avoid the double-chin issue and make your face look brighter.

  • What is the best makeup for zoom?

No makeup or a minimum makeup look flawless on zoom. You can use concealer to cover the dark patches, eyeliner, nude or light shade lipstick, and a setting powder. Avoid cakey and bright makeup because it will ruin your look on zoom. The camera will make you look natural and pretty only if you apply limited makeup. You can hide all the imperfections, but overdoing should avoid.

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