Hairstyling is an important part of our day because a perfect hairstyle can boost your confidence immediately. Styling your hair nicely is necessary to look professional and a perfectionist. Never compromise with your hairstyle because people mostly judge you based on your hair. Here we will learn how to style short hair.

Styling short hair is not a difficult or impossible task. Never restrict yourself just because of the length. There are various ways to style your short hair for functions and parties. How to style short hair is a common question for girls who have short hair. It looks super cute and easy to maintain, but it does require some amount of styling because it still needs to grow a little. Short hair looks perfect on a round face and diamond face.

Style short hair in a way that can complement your face shape, otherwise you will look washed-out. Some people think that you can not experiment much with short hair, but it is a myth. Just like long hair, you can style short hair also you are just restricted with the length. Try different types of braids, curls, straightening, bun, and twisting, according to the occasion. The way you style your hair can change your complete appearance. Here are some of the amazing tips on how to style short hair for different occasions-


how to style short hair




how to style short hair


how to style short hair


:-Length is important in short hair to try to keep it under the jawline.

:-Never put on a lot of products while styling because it’s only going to make your hair look greasy and dull.

:- If you want to keep the short hair, make sure you trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks.

:- Wash your hair thrice a week to maintain the hair texture. 

:- Always use shampoo according to your hair type. If you have short curly hair, use a mild shampoo and wash your hair twice a week only. 

:- To maintain a smooth texture, always choose the same brand for shampoo and conditioner.

:- Don’t overuse a heat protection spray while doing straightening and curling.

:-Never tease your hair to get volume because it will damage your hair. 


Hairstyles also depend upon the clothes that you are wearing. Think twice on how to style short hair because your hairstyle should always complement your dress to look good. Hair styling is not an easy task, especially for short hair. We have to plan our hairstyle according to the occasion and dress. Shoulder length short hair still has some amazing hair styling options like cute buns, twisting, braids, ponytail, and many more, but in a bob, you don’t have the option instead of curls and straightening. 

:- If you want to emphasize your shoulder by wearing strappyoff-shoulderone-shoulder, halter dresses or top, then always style your hair back. Like experiments with braids and ponytail because it will grab the viewer’s attention towards your shoulder.

:- For casual T-shirts and tops, choose hairstyles like messy buns, space buns, high ponytail, or a double ponytail to get a super cute and comfortable look for casual outings. 

:- Curly and wavy hairstyles will look best on most of the outfits. Whenever you are confused about hairstyle, always go for curls and waves.

:- Sleek ponytail, half up half down style, side twisting, and braided hairband styles are best for button-up shirts and office wear.

:- For gowns and prom look, go for low buns, side buns, loose twisting, and braided buns because these hairstyles will highlight your face more than other hairstyles. 

( EXTRA STYLING TIP ON HOW TO STYLE SHORT HAIR :- If your hair are too short and you can not make a braid of it, then get a cute braided hairband to create a perfect braid look. )

How to understand which haircut will compliment your face shape:-

Hairstyling and haircuts should always compliment your face cut. Sometimes a perfect hair cut can make your face look more attractive. Here let us know more about short hair and what looks best for your face shape.

how to style short hair

1)Round face– Round face shape is the same as a square shape face but with smoother angles. The cheekbone of this face shape is the broadest part, and the chin area is slightly curved. Side sweeping hairstyles can be the safest option for a round face. Choose haircuts that will add height to your face and make it look longer. For example:- Layering, long bobs, one-length cut, with bangs.

2) Oval- Oval face shape is symmetrical and has a long face with a broad cheekbone. Look like an egg in shape. This face shape is a blessing because most of the hairstyles look best on this shape. Avoid choosing hairstyles that will add length to your face as you already have it. Pick a hairstyle that enhances your facial feature.

3) Heart face shape- People with a heart face shape have a wider forehead, a slimmer jawline, and a pointed chin. It creates an illusion of a triangle face shape. Choose the hairstyles that will minimize your forehead like bangs and layers. 

how to style short hair

4) Diamond face shape- Diamond face shape has a prominent cheekbone and angular jawline that will make a face look like a diamond. The hairline of this face shape is smaller. For this face shape, you can choose the haircuts with bangs, textures, volume, and layers because that will help you make your face look proportionate.

5) Rectangle- This face shape is more straight and long with the same width of the forehead, cheekbone, jawline, and slightly curvy chin area. To enhance your facial features, you can choose the hairstyles like high layers, layers with bangs, one-length cut, waves, and curls. Try to create some curves and angles with the hairstyle to look nice.

how to style short hair

6) Square face – Square face shape is more similar to rectangle face with no angle but, a minor difference is square face shape is smaller in length. Hairstyles you can choose for this face shape are asymmetrical cuts, side bangs, layers, and anything that create a perfect shape that you are not getting. 


( EXTRA STYLING TIP :- Use socks to create a perfect bun with short hair. )


Hair colors are fun, but the wrong hair color can make your look washed-out. Be very careful with your hair color because not every color will compliment your skin tone. While choosing the hair color for short hair, always think twice because short hair doesn’t have too many hairstyles to hide your hair color mistake. 

Choosing the right shade of hair color is necessary to make your skin look bright and complementing. For that, you need to figure out your skin tone to get a perfect hair color. There are three types of skin undertones that will help you to get the right shade of hair color. 

1) Warm undertone:- If the veins of your wrist are greenish in color, gold jewelry complements your skin, and color like red, orange, pink look amazing on you, then you are a warm skin undertone person. 

Choose a hair color that will help you to balance the yellow tone of your skin. Shades like ash brown, iced brown, mushroom brown, and light brown can balance and enhance your look more than other colors. 

Avoid colors like blue and violet.

2) Cool undertone:- If you are a cool undertone person, then you may have blueish color veins on the wrist, silver ornaments will work for you, and shades of blue, green, violet, magenta can make your skin look brighter. 

Always pick hair colors like cinnamon brown, chestnut brown, golden brown, caramel brown, mahogany, red, and toffee. These shades of brown will complement your skin. 

Avoid golden and bronze.

3) Neutral undertone:- People with neutral undertones are considered the luckiest person because every color shade will work best for this skin tone. If you are a neutral undertone person, then you can not determine the color of your veins because it looks the same as the skin tone. 

For hair color, you can choose any shade of your choice. 

( Must read:- INDIAN SKIN TONE CHART to know more about undertones. )


Curly hair looks amazing every time and the favorite hair type amongst girls. It is dry by nature and needs lots of moisturizers. Curly hair is in a zig-zag pattern and looks voluminous because of this texture. 

Styling short curly hair is easy and fun, just need some bobby pins and a rubber band to secure.

:- Some cute hairstyles will look best on short curly hair like a messy bun, braids, and hairstyles with hairbands.

:- As you have short curly hair, try to invest in good hair accessories like hair bands, hairpins, and rubber bands.

:- Don’t brush your wet hair because it can damage your hair, and always use a diffuser to dry your curls. Diffuser helps you to maintain the curl pattern and let them dry fast. Diffusers are especially made for curly hair type and it is detachable as well.

:- If you want healthy bouncy hair, then trim your hair frequently to avoid damage and split ends. 

:- Always brush your hair from down to upward with a wide-tooth comb to maintain the natural curl pattern. 

:- Try ‘pineapple bun style’ at night to get the perfect curl pattern. 

:- Never use towel to dry curly hair, it can damage the hair follicles.

:- Always use same brand shampoo and conditioner.


What is the ideal length of short hair?

There is no ideal length of short hair because it completely depends on your choice of hair cut and suitable length. Shoulder length short hair is the most desired and common length in short haircuts. The lengths can be till shoulder, ear length, chin-length, and the shortest. 

Lengths are also dependent on the haircut you choose like a pixie cut is the shortest hair cut. 

How to style short hair daily?

Styling daily is not an easy task because using too many products daily can harm your hair. Before styling, you must know your hair type and then style your hair. If you have normal straight hair, then wash your hair every alternative day. Brush effectively for better blood circulation. If you are washing your hair daily, then keep in mind to do an oil massage before a shower. 

Does short hair make you look slimmer?

Yes, short hair can make you look slimmer because the length of short hair emphasizes the neck and create an illusion of a long neck. Short hair can be the best choice for people who have a round face because it can hide your chubby cheeks and make your face look like an oblong shape.

How to style short hair fast?

Hairstyling is an art, and it takes time always to get a perfect look but you can get a messy look in just a few seconds. Always choose any messy hairstyle whenever you are in a hurry because the messy look is imperfectly perfect, you don’t need to set your hair in this hairstyle. Just tie your hair up like a bun, or you can twist aside and pin it, you can create a cute puff in front, tie half up and half down. These are some of the easiest and fastest hairstyles for short hair.

What are the best short haircuts?

The best short haircuts are boob cut, pixie cut, layered crop, bob with shaved side, shoulder one length, High low cut, bowl cut, wedge cut, and more. Choose a haircut according to your face shape because the wrong cut can ruin your look. Just like a haircut, choose hair color as per your skin undertone, never go against it. 

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