The hair of a girl is an important part of her beauty because it is the first most noticeable part of a body. Good healthy hair can enhance your entire appearance. Every girl wants to have good, long, and voluminous hair to create lots of amazing hairstyles. Here we will learn styling tips for hair.

Bad hair day is actually a bad day for a girl. It will not only make you look bad but also affect your mood and day. A perfect hairstyle can boost your confidence level and enhance your beauty. It is necessary to take good care of your hair to look professional, confident, and perfectionist because you don’t compromise with your hairstyle. 

Every girl should know the basic styling tips for hair, and here are some necessary styling tips. These styling types are for all types of hair, and anyone can use these tips on a daily basis.


1) Be careful with your wet hair, don’t use a brush on wet hair because wet hair are very delicate and can break easily.

2) Always protect your hair from dirt, heat, and pollution because it can cause too much damage to your scalp, which can lead to infection and scalp dryness.

3) Never skip conditioner because it helps you to seal the moisture, also use the same kind of shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. 

4) Always make sure that you apply the conditioner around 2inches away from the scalp. Applying it on the scalp can make your scalp greasy.

5) Don’t overuse heat on the hair because heat removes the moisture from the hair and make them dry and freeze.

 6) Don’t tie your hair too tight to avoid hair breakage.

7) Wash your hair with cold water, and don’t tease your hair to create volume. Rubbing and teasing hair can damage the hair follicles.

8) A healthy diet is important because health on the inside reflects on the hair. Certain nutrients are essential for healthy hair like iron, vitamin, and proteins.

9) Oil your hair twice a week to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. 

10) Always brush effectively.

Extra styling tips for hair:- Change the partition of your hair can benefit you in different ways like if you are used too of left side hair partition, then switch to the right side.

This trick will help your hair to look voluminous and fuller. A small change can enhance your complete look.

Hairstyling is an important part of our day to day routine. Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their hair. No one wants to lose hair at any cost and to avoid hair loss, people use various types of products to keep their hair healthy.

Using wrong and too many products can also lead to hair damage, so knowing all the styling tips for hair and the right products for your hair type is really important for everyone. 

There are four types of hair:- 

1) Straight hair– This hair type fall straight and doesn’t have much volume. For straight hair, do shampoo every alternative day. Use a ‘sulfate-free shampoo‘  and essential oil-based conditioner to wash your hair. There are different styling tips for hair as per the textures.

2) Curly hair– Curly hair type is a dream of many girls but taking care of curly hair is not easy. You have to wash your hair properly and need deep conditioning because otherwise, you will lose your curl definition, and your hair will become frizzy and dry. A good hair care routine is necessary for curly hair to maintain the shine and texture. You can not try other styling tips for hair on curly hair type because of the curl definition.

3) Wavy hair– If you have wavy hair, then try to wash your hair three times a week because your scalp is more greasy than straight hair type. The best thing about this hair type is that wavy hair is easy to style and looks super cute in every hairstyle.

4) Coily hair– Coily hair is the driest and spongy in texture, and hot oil massage is a must for this hair type. The hair strands are very tight and zig-zag in the pattern. If you have a Coily hair type, then don’t wash your hair frequently. Once a week is more than enough for Coily hair otherwise, you may face the problem of hair damage. Coily hair person need different styling tips for hair. They can’t use simple methods.

As we know, there are four different types of hair so now let’s discuss some styling tips for straight hair type. Some girls have naturally straight hair, and to maintain them regularly is a task. Here are some styling tips for hair. 


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1) When you are straightening your hair, always keep in mind to brush your hair before using a straightener. Use your hand to untangle your hair even before brushing. 

2) As you have naturally straight hair, then try the hairstyles that will add volume to your hair.

3) The best hairstyles for a straight hair type is a sleek ponytail and braids.

4) Try to do a hair spa twice a month, to maintain the hair straightening.

5) To get a perfect sleek ponytail look, avoid direct spray-on hair because it will make your hair look greasy and oily. Spray on a brush to get a sleek ponytail.

6) Always condition your hair properly after parlor straightening.

7) Keep your hair up in a bun to keep the roots lifted.

8) Try to avoid applying liquid and oily products near roots or on the roots because it will make your hair greasy and flat. Apply on the middle part of the hair to maintain the shine.

9) Don’t straighten your hair from the roots to keep the volume.

10) When you are styling your hair, use dry shampoo to add volume to your hair. These styling tips for hair can easily make your hair healthy and shiny.

Now, let’s discuss the best hairstyles for straight hair according to the events:-

Wedding hairstyles:-

styling tips for hair

Casual hairstyles:-

styling tips for hair

Office hairstyles:-

styling tips for hair

Ethnic hairstyles:-

styling tips for hair

First date hairstyles:-

styling tips for hair

Extra styling tips for hair:- Trimming the split ends is necessary for everyone because split ends will block the hair growth. To maintain the shine and to keep your hair healthy, always trim the split ends every two months. Trimming the split ends off will allow your hair to grow.

Styling tips for hair according to your hair type can change your complete look. Styling tips for hair will guide you about the do’s and don’t for your hair type. Sometimes people use random hair products according to their choice, which leads to hair damage and frizziness. There are many different products available in the market for each hair type. As of now, we will talk about how to style curly hair and suitable products.




Styling tips for curly hair

Most of the girls love curly hair, but sometimes, it is hard to manage them. Here I will suggest some of the styling tips for hair. Curly hair type is dry by nature, you need to moisturise them a lot. 

1) After shampoo and condition, try to do a towel dry gently because the quanticles may get damaged if you dry or rub them hard. 

2) Detangle your hair with hands or a wide-tooth comb, or you can even buy a ‘detangling spray’ according to your hair type. This method will help your curls to set.

3) If you have really tight curls, then avoid tangle teaser to comb otherwise, it will damage your curls. Always detangle your hair from underneath and gradually move upward.

4) Avoid playing with your hair, because sometimes people have a habit of running through their fingers and ending up with opening the curls. Curls that are on the top look frizzy, dry, and less curly because of that habit. 

5)Always do scrunching while applying any products to the hair. Scrunching will help you to define your curls pattern. It is an important step for curly hair type, and you will not allow to comb your hair or run your hand through it after scrunching. 

6) If your curls are not in a proper curl pattern, then do manual twisting and let them dry. It will take shape automatically.

7) Whenever you want to dry curly hair quickly, always use a ‘diffuser‘ because using a hairdryer directly will end up disturbing the curls. A diffuser is like an attachment to a hairdryer. If you have a dryer, then only get a diffuser. 

8) A diffuser is a must for curly hair type. 

9) Never use a brush or a comb on wet hair because it will break the hair follicle and can damage the curl pattern also.

10) Don’t apply too many products to the hair. Always apply products from underneath to the top. 


Some of the best haircuts for curly hair types are:-

High layers can be the perfect choice to get the best curl definition. Short hair with long layers will give more volume to your hair. The short hair of one length is good for those who don’t have volume, and last long hair with high layers will add volume to your hair and create the best curl definition. 

Now let’s discuss some of the amazing hairstyles for curly hair type as per the events:-

Wedding look:-

styling tips for hair

Date look:-

styling tips for hair

Casual look:-

styling tips for hair

Office look:-

styling tips for hair

Extra styling tips for hair:- Be very careful with your curl type and a hairdresser because some curls with these haircuts can ruin the entire look. If you have voluminous hair, then avoid any haircut. Try to maintain and grow them long.

Hair is the most beautiful feature of our body. A good hairstyle can enhance your personality, but sometimes people neglect the styling tips for hair unless it does not make them horrible. It is important to choose the right hairstyle according to your face cut, lifestyle, and hair type.

Experimenting with new hairstyles and cuts can be a good choice but never make your choice according to the trend and Celebs. Some hairstyles may not work for you as it is working for others because everyone has different features and face cut. Always choose hair colors and cuts according to your features to look more attractive. A new hairstyle can easily change your mood, personality, confidence, and appearance. A new hairstyle can be a new start.



1) Can we use hot water to wash our hair?

No, never wash your hair with hot water, not in winter also because it will remove all the natural oils of your hair. Hot water will make your hair frizzy and dry. You can use lukewarm water or tap water to wash your hair.

2) How often do you wash your hair?

Thrice a week is sufficient, but if you are into sports or sweat a lot, then wash your hair daily. Use mild shampoo to wash your hair if you are frequently washing. It also depends on the hair type and texture. If you have curly hair, then try to avoid frequent washing. 

3) What are the best foods for healthy hair?

Nowadays, everyone is in love with junk food, but this type of food may damage your hair and can stop hair growth. For healthy hair, a nutrition-rich diet is necessary like green leafy veggies, nuts, eggs, carrots, bright color fruits, and pulses. This food will increase your hair growth and improves the texture of your hair.

4) What hair color will work best for me?

Choosing a hair can color can be tricky, but if you have proper knowledge of skin undertones, then it seems easy. For example, if you have a warm skin undertone, then pick cool color shades to complement the yellow tone of skin, and if you have a cool undertone then always pick warm shades like brown, red, and golden to balance the tone.

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