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The different types of fashion styles are not only related to clothes but equally related to comfort, style, and personality. There are many fashion styles that are in trend nowadays, like hippie style, pop culture, street fashion, and retro. Fashion styles are not an easy topic to understand sometimes because there are minor differences in some of the fashion styles.

Choosing a fashion style to adopt as your signature style is dependent on your personality and environment. Whenever you are dressing up in a particular fashion style, always try to match your style with the environment you are dressing for. Here let us discuss different types of fashion styles.


There are top 24 types of fashion styles that are basically for events, culture, comfort, dress codes, and to look stylish in a simple way. Anyone can relate to your personality just by your fashion style because every style has a different story. These fashion styles have something for everyone as per their choice and comfort. A pink lover has a girly fashion style, for those who love comfort, there is a casual fashion style, black lovers have gothic, fashion forwards has trendy, and many more.


Here we will be discussing the types of fashion styles that are stunning and have different stories and history. Every fashion style is unique and interesting in its own way. Styling is showing your personality without speaking a word. There are 24 types of fashion styles to style yourself in different ways. Let’s find out which style will suit your personality to make you stand out in a crowd. Here is the list of all types of fashion styles:-

types of fashion style
  • 1) STREET STYLE:- Street fashion style is getting popular day by day for the past few years. This style is more about individuals and their choices for clothing. Anyone can dress up for this style according to their choice, and mood to represent their personality. This types of fashion styles don’t depend on current styles and trends. It is famous among youngsters because this fashion style is a combination of comfort, stylish, simple, and smart dressing.

  • 2) PUNK STYLE:- Punk fashion style is inspired by punk rock music, which was aggressive and rebellious. The main characteristic of this fashion style is leather, body piercing, tattoos, neck chain, studs, bright-color spikes, combat boots, rib pants, stud belts, and fishnets. Punk fashion is more about freedom and individuality.

types of fashion style
  • 3) VINTAGE STYLE:- Vintage fashion is a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. It is an evergreen fashion style that represents a particular time or era. These types of fashion styles can specifically categorize according to a trend or style of a certain time period.

The one and main condition for vintage clothing are that it should have some element of style that is connected to any period. This fashion style is a recreation of a classic vintage style by adding some twists and modern touches to create a perfect dress. It is a blend of vintage and modern fashion without overdoing it to maintain the simplicity and class of this fashion style.

  • 4) TRENDY STYLE:- Trendy fashion style is the most convenient because it is completely based on the current trends and styles. This style is best for those who love to update their wardrobe every season with new updated trends.

Trendy fashion style changes every season according to the latest trends, color palette, fabric, prints, and cuts. It is a fashion style for those who always want to be trendy and ready to accept new styles immediately. These types of fashion styles look outdated very quickly after a new trend but it is fun and exciting to wear.

  • 5) BOHEMIAN STYLE:- Bohemian fashion style is famous for its free-flowing look. Most of the silhouettes in this types of fashion styles are loose with a variety of smart cuts flowy, and natural fabrics are generally used to make this type of dress.
  • This fashion style is completely related to hippie fashion because it includes natural fabrics, retro patterns, floral exaggerating prints, bright warm shades, and statement accessories that complement the whole look. Bohemian style is an artistic fashion with a little touch of ethnic elements, that is loose-fitting and comfortable clothing items to wear.

It is not the types of fashion style or trend, but it is an actual culture with a complicated history. The elements of bohemian style are loose-fitting dresses, bell bottom, bell sleeves, crochet, exotic print, mix-prints, maxi dresses, brown fringe bags, flare pants, lace tops, oversize kaftans, gladiator sandals, distress denim shorts, hats, and open messy hair with some hair accessories.

types of fashion style
  • 6) FLAMBOYANT STYLE:- Flamboyant fashion style is bright and very colorful. It is full of drama, layers, extravagant flounce, multi-colors, and fringes. The silhouettes are asymmetric, highly patterned, exaggerating, full of colors, and prints. This types of fashion styles fashion are best for those who love to stand out in a crowd.

  • 7) CASUAL STYLE:- Casual fashion style is the most common style that is preferred amongst teenagers. This is more about comfort and being stylish in a single outfit. Nowadays, most people choose casual clothing over other fashion styles because it is comfortable, simple, and elegant. Casual fashion is about simple t-shirts, jeans, tops, pants, jackets, shirts, and comfy clothing items. It is an everyday fashion style that is suitable for every single event.

types of fashion style
  • 8) SMART CASUAL STYLE:- Smart casual fashion style is an interesting style for those who love to wear sophisticated clothes with some twist. It is a smart dressing style. This fashion style is less formal than office wear and smarter than sportswear. Smart casual is considered as casual wear but with some twist of smart dressing. Whenever you are confused about clothes, and styles always choose smart casuals because it is a smart dressing style and best for every single event.
  • There are no major restrictions on colors and prints but try to ignore bold, vibrant, and big prints and colors. Neutral and pastel shades can be your first choice. The top colors for this style are brown, black, grey, white, peach, ice blue, baby pink, and navy blue.
  • Smart casual can be your dress code for the office because it is more formal than casual attire. Blazers, pencil skirts, a-line shirts, shirts, blouses, tops( that are not skin revealing), trousers, pants, jackets, ties, bows, jumpsuits, and business suits are some elements of smart casual style. Too much body-revealing dresses are not acceptable for smart casual.


types of fashion style
  • 9) FORMAL OFFICE WEAR STYLE:- Formal fashion is also known as office wear, which is a simple and sophisticated dressing. This fashion style is about button-down shirts, straight pants, trousers, formal skirts, business suits, and ties. Nude or light makeup with platform sandals or classic pumps is best for formal fashion style. Bright, bold colors and prints are not acceptable in this style. The most preferable, colors are white, black, grey, and blue with the same color prints.

  • 10) ETHNIC STYLE:- Ethnic fashion style is about representing a culture or a country with some contemporary touch. People used to wear these types of fashion styles to celebrate their culture and heritage by showing their love towards their nation. Ethnic fashion style is a universal fashion because it is a blend of ethnic clothing from all over the world. This fashion is more like a fusion of western and traditional dressing.
  • From Indian saree to the Vietnamese conical hats, the world is full of colors, culture, and a wide variety of traditional dresses and ethnic fashion is a blend of traditional clothing with few western elements. The definition of ethnic fashion is, taking an element from traditional clothing and merging it with western elements is as an ethnic fashion style.

  • 11) LOLITA STYLE:- Lolita fashion style can be called doll fashion, and the craze of this fashion style developed in the 1980s. In the Japanese language, the word lolita represents cuteness, elegance, and delicacy. The elements of this types of fashion styles are cute short frocks, skirts, light-color jackets, cute frills, a variety of bows, fancy headgears, long socks, and gloves. Lolita’s fashion style is mainly for girls who are in their early twenties, and the main concept of this style is to create a look, like a doll.

types of fashion style
  • 12) GOTHIC STYLE:- Gothic is an ‘all black’ fashion style, which includes black dyed hair, black lips, black makeup, and black clothing. Everything in this fashion style is mysterious and different from all other types of fashion styles.
  • The main elements of gothic fashion are black clothes, cloaks, studs, corsets, tight-fitting clothes, bustiers, long vintage gowns, hats that have features, and ankle boots. It was started in the 1980s in the united kingdom and developed by the fans of gothic rock.
  • The gothic fashion style is best for open-minded and artistic people because it is a rebellious fashion style.

Fabric materials of goth fashion are velvet, leather, silk, lace, and mesh, which are used to make stockings and sleeves. One of the essential elements of this fashion style is an umbrella, which they use to protect their skin. Goth fashion also looks like vampire dressing.

  • 13) TOMBOY STYLE:- Tomboy fashion style is for those girls who don’t want to wear girly clothes such as skirts, pinks, frills, and laces. This style is a boyish fashion because it includes loose, baggy clothing, graphic t-shirts, flannel shirts, jeans, pants, a shirt over a t-shirt, beanies, caps, and flat shoes.
  • Tomboy fashion is to wore baggy pants rather than dresses. Generally, girls buy these types of clothes from the men’s section of clothing. This fashion style is best for those who want to look like a boy instead of a girl.

types of fashion style
  • 14) PREPPY STYLE:- Preppy fashion is a school-going look because it is inspired by the old private school of the united states of America. That was attended by some upper-class and upper-middle-class children. This style is based on smart cuts, sophisticated clothing items, classic silhouette, and a simple cute look.
  • Another side of this type of fashion style is full of checks, colors, and boots to make this style more attractive for youngsters. Preppy fashion includes button-down shirts, plain single-colored t-shirts, khaki pants, cardigans, chino shorts, khaki skirts, blazers, striped blouses, and dark-colored skinny jeans with a combination of hairbands and cuts hairpins. For footwear boots, flat ballets, and shoes.

  • 15) COWGIRL STYLE:- Cowgirl’s fashion style is an amazing and different fashion style. It includes a button-down shirt, denim jeans, brown hats, pair of boots, a fringing jacket, and leather belts. This style is not for an everyday look, and in this fashion style, a cowgirl hat is the most important element to complete the look.

  • 16) ARTSY STYLE:- Artsy fashion style is attractive and eye-catching because of the bold, bright, and vibrant colors and prints. This type of fashion style is best for those who love to wear bright colors, exaggerating prints, are experimental, and have a creative mind. Anyone can make this style because this style doesn’t have a particular style and silhouette. The artsy fashion style is famous for its uneven pattern, bold prints, and handcrafted look.

It is not related and depends on fashion trends and current style. Asymmetric silhouettes, big prints, bold colors, dramatic accessories pieces, uneven cuts, and boots are some elements of artsy fashion style. If you are a creative person, then this fashion style can enhance your personality. Artsy fashion is a combination of uneven elements of clothing that looks best together. To get a look for this type of fashion style, you need to be a fun-loving, carefree, and experimental person.

  • 17) CHIC STYLE:- Chic fashion style is a minimal but stylish fashion. In this fashion style, people usually wear neutral color tones with the least makeup. The silhouettes are straight, simple with clean cuts, and stylish patterns.
  • This style is said to be a power dressing because of the sleek look, clean cuts, stylish silhouettes, monochromatic tone, and it is a standard dressing style. Usually, people who have an important position in business and politics used to wear this types of fashion styles.
  • It is a combination of a few clothing items that required minimal effort to make it look classy. Minimal fashion is a second word that can use for this types of fashion style because it doesn’t require extra effort or time. To look classy always, wear a smart and clean silhouette with less makeup, or to enhance your look, add a pop with your accessories.

  • 18) SPORTS STYLE:- Sporty fashion style is easy to describe because it is all related to sports. This fashion is about gym, games, yoga, running, etc. Every sport has its own particular dressing like tennis, football, cricket, and swimming to make the sports comfortable and relaxing without getting distracted.
  • The synonym for sporty fashion style is activewear. There are some famous sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, reebok, puma, and champions.

These types of fashion styles are generally body hugging like running pants, tights, shorts, bodysuits, skirts, and uppers. Stretchable and soft fabric materials are used to make this type of clothing.

  • 19) GRUNGE STYLE:- Grunge fashion is inspired by grunge music in mid of the 1980s. This style is all about oversized dressing, ripped patterns, layering, and messy clothing. Anyone can adopt this clothing fashion because this types of fashion styles are simple and have something for everyone.
  • Messy hair, careless makeup, flannel shirt, ripped denim, leather jackets, metallic jackets, crop tops, shirts with slogans, bennies, and baggy sweaters are some clothing components of grunge style. It is filled with people who don’t want to waste too much time in grooming and getting ready.
  • They mix new trends with vintage-style clothing and wear what they love. They are carefree people and known for their words. The grunge fashion mentality is supporting people to wear what they love to wear and do what they want, instead of what society wants them to do. This types of fashion styles are completely about a person and not about society and trends.

types of fashion style
  • 20) GIRL NEXT DOOR STYLE:- The girl next door fashion style is not really a style. This types of fashion styles is cute, simple, and smart dressing. There are no special elements for this style because it includes every clothing item. It is an evergreen and effortless style with basic silhouettes that don’t waste too much of your time to get this look.
  • A simple tee with skinny jeans is an example of a girl next door look, it is a casual and comfy style. This look is best for events, college, school, parties, outings, and casual meetings. Getting this look is really easy because there are no particular rules and elements for this style.

  • 21) EVENING FASHION STYLE:- Evening fashion style is about a formal chic look and this types of fashion styles is to be worn in the evening only. Evening gowns, ball gowns are for women, and tuxedos and coats are for men. These are the elements of an evening fashion style for both genders.
  • This style is to emphasizes women’s femininity and curves. The evening dresses generally have deep necklines, fitted upper torso, corsets, extravagantly designed skirts, long trails, and backless long gowns. To highlight the body curves.
  • Evening gowns are more decorated than other gowns with frills, layers, drapes, and ruffles. Fabrics like chiffon, taffetas, satins, and velvets are generally used to make these gowns, to give them a classy formal look.

  • 22) GIRLY FASHION STYLE:- Girly fashion style is more of pink colour elements of clothing because most of the girls prefer pink color over any other colour. This types of fashion styles includes skirts, frills, flounce, fancy bows, ruffles, frocks, and laces. The main characteristics of this fashion style is a pink color. The accessories for this fashion style are fancy hairbands, puffy footwears, hairpins, bows, small glittery side slings, and cute sunglasses.

types of fashion style
  • 23) MATERNITY FASHION:– Maternity fashion style is only for pregnant women. Every woman wants to look stylish and attractive even with a baby bump, and this style is only for maternity. It includes comfortable and relaxed fitting clothes to provide support to the baby bump like maxi dresses, knee-length dresses, a wrap-around, tops, and loose-fitting clothing items.

  • 24) LAGEN FASHION STYLE:- Lagen fashion style is a layering fashion. This types of fashion styles is all about layering clothes over others to create a unique look that will work for your body type. It depends on the individual that, how they are layering different elements to make it look like a single outfit. Lagen fashion style is the only style that will look best on every body shape and represents your personality differently.
  • This style of fashion is famous for its uneven look because it is a unique blend of prints, colors, silhouettes, patterns, and lengths. The best thing about this style is, there are no restrictions on silhouettes or colors.




As we discussed all types of fashion styles and their elements. Fashion styles are for everyone who wants to look different. Styling is all about showing your love for fashion in your way. Anyone can choose any fashion style to make it their signature look according to their personality. These types of fashion styles are simple as well as classy and can be your dress code for any event. The most common styles are casual fashion styles which we used to wear in our day-to-day life. It is opposite to that gothic fashion is not for an everyday look.

Some types of fashion styles are really amazing such as Lagen, girl next door, and grunge because they don’t have major restrictions and rules to follow. Fashion lovers can understand these fashion styles and can adopt them easily in their life. It is difficult to change yourself but not impossible. Be the change and start styling.


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